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Hey everyone love the topic. I’m 18 and live in Rhode Island and as far as I know there are only 2 people from my Highschool class of around 500 intentionally prusing a trade at all, let alone agriculture. Most people would rather go to colllege or bum out. And I don’t feel like college is always a bad option, but I see so many people go just because it’s something to do,because they know they want  a degree, family pressure, but with no clue if their passions. I am on a gap year now and after 2 cancelled programs and a broken wrist I have decided to take the rest of my year and build a food forest on 22 acres I recently was given in central Maine. I am to start in April and would love some company. I have not been to the property but hopefully will soon. I know there is a large lake as a border to one side and there is absolutely nothing built on it. This would be a full restoration/ build but I would like to build it in a manner where I can walk away for a year or so and it can thrive on its own. My dream one day is to have a series of permaculture intentional communities around the world. Starting here. Any advice, inquiries, or general comment totally welcome my email is Ps also interested in working for food and shelter on others farms.
1 year ago
Hey my name is Rook, I’m an 18 year old on a gap year. I would be super interested in helping you guys out, I love the idea. Give me a shout at if you are still looking for a hand.
Hey Tim,
I still plan on going to college in a year or two and would like to be traveling for now, so at least for now I would just voulunteer/ work-to-live. With that being said I love the idea of living communally in Central America in future years, but I have no set plans. I a thinking about traveling through southern Spain and/or the pacific North West trying to further educate myself of permaculture as well as being part of a whole in a more encompassing way. I have no issue staying in a tent. Or building a primative low impact shelter.  Please keep me in mind if you end up acquiring some land and would like a set of hands. Oh and going vegan is not an issue, it is not my current diet, but switching wouldn’t be an issue.
Thanks again,