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Hi, dont know whereabouts you are, I'm giving the cost from U.K perspective.
Toilet pan and cistern ( new) £50 ( can be obtained second hand on recycle.sites when people upgrade?)
IBC tank £80 ( perhaps less , depending on location and supply)
£70 pipework
Quite a lot of muscle work digging in pipes and drilling holes.etc through wall for soil pipe from toilet.
Hoping i can source some wood chips for free
Good luck!
5 months ago
Just to clarify, please?
Does anyone use somekind of mesh filter to   prevent the outlet from becoming blocked?
If so, what size mesh?
Or, just rely on woodchips remaining either yo6 big to cause a block, or so small as not to worry about?
Many thanks.
5 months ago
Many thanks for your prompt reply and useful comments!
5 months ago

Rebecca Norman wrote:About screening the drainage hole, my friends and I here came up with an idea recently. In the wood chip chamber we recently made to filter our institutional kitchen greywater, we put a piece of rigid metal mesh welded to a frame, vertical about 6 inches back from the drainage hole, but I'm sure it will rust out soon. Later I got a brainwave, we can use one of the many slightly broken plastic crates we have around here as the rigid non-degradable vertical holder for whatever mesh we decide to put in after the metal mesh rusts out. Otherwise I was stumped.

By the way, don't use wood shavings! We asked our students to collect wood chips from around our construction site, but they filled the tank with wood shavings instead, so for the first week or two it smelled great and the water coming out was quite clear, but then the shavings clogged up so the water was backing up a bit in there, and it went anaerobic and started smelling bad in the whole area including the kitchen and dining hall. So I dug out all the wet stinky shavings and we filled it up with wood chunks from construction (no, nobody uses any pressure treated or chemical treated wood here, and minimal plywood was used in this project so the chips seem pretty clean). It's only been going another 2 weeks so I don't have anything meaningful to report yet.

Hi, any guidance as to the size of the mesh used would be appreciated, thank you!
Some people using this system have mesh around the tap outlet,   cover the bottom of tank with gravel and then put a different size of mesh on top of the gravel?
, if the mesh( I can use plastic / nylon) is to fine, it will clog and cause liquid to back up and drown the worms?
Also, I can obtain black  ibc tanks?
Would this provide better natural insulation, or cause it to become to hot for the worms?
My plan is to wrap the tank in insulation and build a wall around it, with a fitted, insulated lid .so maybe colour of the tank is less crucial?
All advice appreciated!
5 months ago