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since Jan 23, 2019
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Travelled extensively now reaching my goal of total sustainability in a gorgeous climate
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Small house and yard forsale in Montenegro.  Small food forest underway in the yard. View of tha Adriatic.  5 minute drive to the beach. 2005 vw Sharan in very good condition included in the price as well as all furnishings and garden equipment.  Taxes are only 200 euro per year. Buying in Montenegro allows you easy residence permission. The cost of living is very inexpensive. The weather is a Mediterranean climate. You can grow food all year.
Price is only 35000 Euro.
Hello people I am just looking to see if there is anyone from or interested in Montenegro. I am slowly decreasing the size of my human footprint here and its a great place to do that.
I hope you keep us informed as to your success. I am in Montenegro slowly becoming sustainable. Cheers good luck