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Hello, i have finally moved to a house where i can compost. I am reading "The Complete Book of Composting." 350 pages in. Yesterday I went out to buy some manure to start my pile (wanted to generate heat quickly) but realized the bags said "Composted Chicken Manure."

I would assume no but can you compost Composted manure?? Will it stimulate microbial activity needed for decomposition?

1 year ago
Hello all!

My co workers and I have built 15 cedar boxes to attract IMOs on our farm!

We are using cooked white rice as our medium. I have a few pics! These pics are about a week into colonization.

We believe it is mold but we are wondering:

what the purple is on our rice?
what the red is on our rice?

One picture, a block of soil from our COMPOST PILE is pictured showing: fungus mycelium, trichoderma mold and a yellow growth. We were wondering about the yellow growth also.

Please help!! Thanks!