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Soo... a couple of months ago I signed my son and I up for the PEP1 certification gathering and have been really looking forward to going and sharing this experience with him. Unfortunately at this time I think I need to pull our names from the list and let someone else take our place. My 85 year old Grandmother has been struggling with another bout of bronchitis for over a month and I just don’t think I can leave her for three weeks right now   ( we were going to be driving in from Chicago suburbs). My hope is that now that spring weather has arrived she’ll start feeling like herself again but there are no guarantees and I would hate to have to cancel at the last minute when if I do so now maybe someone can fill our spots. I’m still interested in earning badges and workin towards certification, we’ll just have to try and do more of it on our own. Maybe we can come out another time as boots. So sorry for the inconvenience.
4 weeks ago
Hi there. I’m very interested in your PEP1 event coming up in May, sounds like a great opportunity to learn some new skills and dive deeper into the permaculture lifestyle.  My question to you is this, can I bring my 12-year-old son with?  I have no problem signing him up although I am not sure whether he will be completing all of the requirements for the PEP1 certificate (?) I have no doubt that physically he can handle it - he is 5’7 right now and has been gardening/landscaping with me since he could walk. Cut down his first tree with an axe around 6-7 yrs of age. We homeschool and although permaculture is more my interest than his, I think it is an important subject for his education. If it is ok and there are still openings I will sign us up today.
3 months ago