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Recent posts by Unu Depenet

Thank you all for the helpful inputs

I looked on allt he links provided - also inspected the surrounding trees
No junipers or cedar in the immediate surroundings
I have in my tiny garden also a plum, a cherry and a pear - all transplanted on small roostock for them to be samll - I have a tiny garden

I attracheda pic of  the other apple tree next to it - the black thing is the fruit tree grease - and I feel the same thing with the finger like projections is turning up in two othe places already

All lesions seem to be on the initial rootstock - and not on the transplant

I decided it must be the crown gall - I will attach the internet pictured that I thought looks most similar

I must sadly say that I took the two apples out with as much root as I could - altohough I must have left plenty of little roots in
. Roots seemed ok.

Also as per RHS I threw in few potatoes in place

Please keep me posted if you have any other theories about it

Many thanks you all!!!

1 year ago
Hi All

Do you know what is this on my 2 years old apple ?
Noticed it few months ago
Fairly hard

Gall?  Burr knot???

I tried Copper sulphate solution and didn't work

Do I need to get rid of the tree before it infects the others???

Many thanks
1 year ago