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Recent posts by Guy Miller

We are adding a price to the posting of our 40 acre homestead. Hoping to catch some more interest and find a buyer.
$225,000 cash deal.
We will owner finance with $100,000 down, 15 yr. term, low interest, if needed.

Briana Great wrote:I went to visit Guy's property.  FWIW: I am a 40 y/o female, brought my pistol packing husband with me "just in case" and it was totally unnecessary.  Guy and his wife are genuine, polite, kind, good people.  The property is EVERYTHING he said it is!!!  There is an amazing field just south of the home that would permit livestock or a second home being built. The property is amazing.  The house is probably 85% done - meaning if you are 40-something and not ready to start-over, this place is PERFECT because it has everything you need in place to function.

If we had an extra year, I wouldn't be posting this because I would be buying it =)  But our family dynamics are such that Guy wants this property sold before we are ready to move 11 hours away from our aging parents.

Thank you Briana,
It was our pleasure to have you and you family here for a visit. Thank you for the kind words.
Just adding a couple pics of the Magnatrac Dozer/Backhoe (Gasoline and Propane powered) and Electric car (60 volt).
The Magnatrac has approximately 500 hrs on the meter, runs and performs well. It has a few attachments: bucket, 6 position dozer blade, and a grapple claw that attaches to the bucket.
The electric car is approximately 2 years old, has a 2 speed differential gearbox, seats 4, with everything a normal car would have (lights, turn signals, horn, windshield wiper, electric heater, and even a backup camera).

Evan Hochberg wrote:Sent you a PM, Guy.

Got your message.

As Stacy has mentioned, Shady Cove is kind of touristy. The Rouge River runs through Shady Cove, so there is the attraction of Rafting and Fly Fishing in that town. I rarely go into Shady Cove but love to eat at Mac's Diner when I do. Mac's Diner is a cool 50's themed diner that overlooks the Rogue River.

Eagle Point is the town I frequent most. There is a Walmart, subway, gas station, Ace Hardware, most of the necessities you commonly need to re-supply, fix, etc. is available there.
It is about a 25 minute drive to get to Eagle Point or Shady Cove from my homestead.

Medford, which I believe is the  5th largest town in the
state, is approximately a 40 minute drive from the homestead to the airport.
Hello neighbor. We aren't moving because of current prices. My wife and I both have family back east and she would like to be closer to her family. We plan on starting a new permaculture homestead back east if/when we sell our property here in Oregon.
I will post some pictures soon. We are located between the towns of Eagle Point and Shady Cove.
I am putting my dream up for sale.
It is 40 acres with a 2500 sq.ft. strawbale house, located in southern Oregon. It is completely off-grid. It has a spring fed creek running through the center of the property that supplies water. There are several huglebeds, a pond, chicken coops, rabbit pens, etc.
The sale will include some extra goodies, (to many to list) like a Magnatrac dozer/backhoe, solar electric mini car, etc.
The farmstead is powered by 2000 watts worth of solar panels, Outback charge controller and inverter with backup generator, 1000 amp-hour batteries (two electric forklift batteries).
The house is built 100% by me, is two stories, and is heated with an 8" rocket mass heater. The house has 4 bedrooms, two full bathrooms (both with composting toilets), a large upstairs family room. We are a family of 5 currently living here. FYI, I did build the house without permits! There is a little work left to be done on the house, inside, but it is 90% finished and will give the new owner a little experience with cob, and kitchen cabinets.
The sale will include the stove, refrigerator, and front load washing machine.
I'm not looking to get rich, and would like to give a permie a fair deal on something already operational that can be carried on and expanded upon.
I'm looking for the best reasonable offer.

The most comfortable steel toes boots that I have ever owned are Thorogood brand boots. They are soft leather that don't need a break-in period and lighter weight than most boots.
1 year ago
I was thinking it should be a little more busy and have more background stuff. I like the tree being cut up.
1 year ago