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Please please delete my post and comments on this page:

I did not realize that these posts ended up being publicly published through google searches.

I would deeply appreciated having this all removed.

Thank you,
11 months ago
Burning poison ivy is not an option as it can get into your lungs.  It is also in an odd place by a stone wall so digging it up won't work. I may try my best to starve it by constantly removing leaves.  Ot perhaps will have to go to more extreme measures.

Thank you for the replies everyone!
1 year ago
My husband and I bought a home and property (in the US) last Fall, which is being transitioned to permaculture.  There was a dead tree on the property  in the front yard that had to be removed, which was covered with poison ivy. Now that Spring has arrived the poison ivy is growing back.  Unfortunately it is not in an out of the way place, but is in the main part of our yard, close to where we are growing food and where we have a bench.  It is also of concern to me for my young grandchildren. I know everything has a purpose, but for the safety of all I feel this needs to be removed.

My question is, does anyone know a successful way to remove it without using any kinds of herbicides or poisons?  

Thank you!
1 year ago