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Recent posts by Raul Ava

Hello World! My name is Raul.
I'm so sorry to disturb you.
I don't know how to ask for help, it is really hard.
I understand that many people asked about some help, but please take a few minutes of your attention to my request.
At the initial stage it is planned to build a nursery and plant a planting material. The beginning of sales of products is planned for the high season - spring.
The total estimated cost of a business project is 71 579,68 EUR .
- invested value – 37 033,29 EUR , incl.
at the expense of state support funds – 20 273,7 EUR ,
own expense 16 759,59 EUR .,
- operational cost – 34 546,38 EUR .
The goal of the project: the opening of a plant nursery for growing and selling crops with year-round marketing.
The nursery is an independent enterprise whose main activity is the reproduction and cultivation of planting material - seedlings, saplings, large-sized trees, etc. In turn, planting material is used to create artificial plantations, as well as forest reclamation, recreational and greenery plantings.
It is planned to provide additional services
landscape design,
plant rental.
improvement of land,
creation of small architectural forms,
the creation of flower beds
the creation of winter gardens,
garden care,
I would be very happy and grateful if you supported this dream !LINK! (https://gogetfunding.com/plant-nursery/) and provided any help in your possibilities. Thank you for attention.

P.S. copy the link above to share,please. Thank you
1 year ago