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Burl Smith

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since Apr 20, 2019
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Recent posts by Burl Smith

Gee..that plan's missing a lateral support.
2 weeks ago
I planted some in a raised bed and some in a swale and the ones in the raised bed fell over so I guess that means something.
2 weeks ago
I'm presently growing Goji in an attempt to shade a raised bed. The leaves come out before the last frost but the shade it casts isn't dense.
2 weeks ago

Scott Foster wrote:This is a new/great video on managing Black locust.  

I always enjoy Edible Acres vids.

3 weeks ago
Did you find it??

Here's 12 acres 10 miles north of Princeton WV that the broker bought for $850 worth of back taxes.

I looked at it and the mobile home has a shingle roofover without leaks, and the agent says "Make offer."

I-77 south to exit 14 to 19 south then right on 10 and left on 71 then up Gyro (marked) to first right on Milky Way (marked)-overgrown driveway to mobilehome.

Asking $11,900 at present
3 weeks ago
I caught one in a live-trap baited with a boiled egg (peeled & halved).
3 weeks ago