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Burl Smith

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since Apr 20, 2019
Richwood, West Virginia
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I got the goods!

"â—¦Heater watts (when thermostat switches it on): 200
â—¦Average Power Use in Watts (heater on 1/2 time): 125"

14 hours ago
I dunno, maybe caulk with wire-wool daubed with stove cement.
1 day ago
Lookee Lookee!

For those transplant shocked trees dissolve a vitamin B-12 capsule in a quart of water then dilute to one half gallon and water the poor things, it will help their root systems recover faster.  


My cell signal is so weak it wont play the videos so I'm guessing that the pvc pipe is laboriously flattened with an electric clothes iron, is that right?
2 days ago
8 lines of eight syllables ending in
Also, Their, The, Need, May, Of, Good, However (words chosen at random)

"Many words" they could say also
And I could be no where near their
Expectation. They could know the
Objective to which they make need
And I should do as they bid. May...

(to be cont) /joke
4 days ago
Yes, but a side boom bush hog will trim under the electric fence if you have a mind to.
1 week ago
Looking forward to see the pics so I can compare them with my wild one's.
1 week ago
I dunno but...

"Although iron is an abundant trace element in soil, plants may have difficulty in absorbing enough in high lime or calcareous soils."

I've got the same with a laurel in my drive.
1 week ago