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since May 09, 2019
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Take a nice, long swim in the very cool offerings over at Chelsea Green Publishing.  
3 weeks ago
Welcome, John!  I enjoy wildcrafting elderberries in my area and making syrup to share with friends and family for its immunostimulant properties.  Now I'm looking to bring the goodness home and grow some on my property.  Looking forward to the discussion this week and am anxious to check out your new book.
3 months ago
Thank you so much Michael and!  Looking forward to diving into your newest creation and learning from your passion.
7 months ago
Hey, this guy looks familiar:  

I normally associate Michael Judd with PawPaws, not apples.
7 months ago
Understood, Dan.  I don't tell anyone where I harvest my elderberries even though they grow right out where anyone can see them.  I'm hoping to get some started here.  Best of luck with the seeds you received recently.  I plan to keep my eye open for some <law of attraction and all that ;) >.  Have a great day!
7 months ago
I will certainly do that, Judith.  Thank you for your willingness to share!
7 months ago

Victor Skaggs wrote:I'd love to find a way to be able to get pawpaws to market. They have a very short shelf life...

Drying them seems an absurd idea... I have no others.

Dehydrated mangos are a beautiful thing and they have very moist and soft flesh.  I wonder if one could make pawpaw pulp fruit leather?
7 months ago
Thank you so much, Michael.  I appreciate the input!
7 months ago
Hi, Judith.  I don't know whether the season is past, but if you come across that vendor again I would happily compensate you for one or two of the fruits for seed.  We recently moved out to the country from being in the middle of town and I really want to get some pawpaw trees started where we are.  I just don't have a local source.  It seems that we may not be too far from each other and if they grow for you there may be a chance that they'll grow for me.
7 months ago
Don't know whether it's too late, but I definitely cast my vote for Arkansas Black.  We generally buy two bushels in mid-October and they are still crisp and delicious right out of the fridge into January and February (if they aren't all eaten by then).  
7 months ago