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Wow!  This sounds like a great tool for anyone to add to their foraging kit.  I've downloaded it and can't wait to experiment with it.  Thanks for sharing!
18 hours ago
Thanks for turning me onto this great podcast!  I have and enjoy all of Sam Thayer's books and appreciate the opportunity to listen to him speak on a topic he is so passionate about.  I find Daniel Vitalis very easy to listen to and have already listened to half a dozen episodes.  I was surprised to see that he stopped publishing new episodes of "Rewild Yourself" a year and a half ago.  The positive side, though, is that he has already done nearly two hundred episodes and it will take me some time to listen to them.  Have a great day!
5 days ago
We started harvesting honeysuckle blossoms this spring to put on our salads, but never a gallon at a time.  We would bring a small container and pick them by ones and twos along with spiderwort and nasturtium blossoms.   They make for a great salad and are definitely abundant!  I just don't have the type of large scale gathering experience it sounds like you are looking for.  
1 week ago

Mike Jay wrote:
Vernon, I was thinking along the same lines as you at first.  But then I realized that the idea is to get food from from things that you don't cultivate.  IE there's a gardening badge and an animal care badge for things you tend.  This one covers plants and animals that you can collect in the wild.  Sure, they could be separated but I'm guessing for Paul's systems, it makes more sense to keep them together.  Another way of saying it is that for areas with lots of wild game (or PEX authors that put more weight on hunting), it could make sense to have a separate foraging and hunting badge.

I hope this sheds some more light on the subject...

It does, indeed.  Thanks for the perspective, Mike!
1 week ago

Faren Leader wrote:

Tyler Ludens wrote:
What solution do you see to this problem?

At the very least, more regulation over who is allowed to lead permaculture courses and PDCs.

In my view, more regulations are never the answer to any problem.  They always lead ultimately to a loss of choice;  which is actually a loss of freedom.  In this instance a good approach would be to choose a teacher based on reputation.  After all, how much time and care do we put into choosing where to live or what to drive or who to work for?  Just my two cents.
1 week ago
Maybe it's just me, but I feel that hunting fishing and trapping are completely separate activities from foraging.  These are broad enough categories that they deserve their own badges.  
1 week ago

Fredy Perlman wrote:Seems to me they'd be easy and fun to make from a band out of a leaf spring

I was thinking giving new life to old, worn out lawn-mower blades.  Good steel there, also.  
3 weeks ago

Yury Smirnov wrote:It appears that the stainless steel ploskorez modification is not good actually - it is bent easily.

Good ole' carbon steel wins the day again!!!
3 weeks ago

Nicole Alderman wrote:I give this Fokin ploskorez hoe 9.5 out of 10 acorns.

Great review, Nicole!  Thanks for all the before & after pictures.  I'm looking forward to spending time with the Fokin Hoe resources above and potentially getting one of these for myself and one for my father-in-law.
3 weeks ago