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Recent posts by Sue Reeves

Another Santa Cruz Mountain person here -- I am in upper Bonny Doon
I have hot dry summers where I live, so grew the potatoes early to beat the summer heat, so far so good.  

But, now, I have a large potato yield.

The water table is too high to dig in ground storage.

I only need to store them until November or so, I hope to put in a second fall crop of potatoes to eat over the winter.  The varieties are yukon gold and red norland

A secondary question is how to make sure the ones I want to use as seed potatoes in August will be ready to want to sprout then
3 years ago
I plant my potato starts 9 inches deep, and 12 inches apart in raised beds.  They absolutely will grow up thru that much dirt, but I do not think you hould go deeper, so put the potato start 6-9 inches deep.  At 9 inches deep I never have to add or hill up.  I have 150 sq feet of potatoes out in teh garden right now, all are up, one bed is more than a month along
Stock prices are no longer tied to fundementals, they dont make sense in that they are not realy where you would expect due to how the various companies are doing.  The stock prices were driven high due to emotional reasons, hope, etc... that's why we say it is a stock bubble.  They were also driven high as people with money want to park it somewhere to make a return the fed has been keeping interest rates low since 2008 crisis, so you dont get a return putting money in a bank or buying bonds, not very much money anyways.  SO, they speculate in the stock market
3 years ago
Did you ever try processing any of the cocoons ?  ANd are you going to do this again this year ?
3 years ago
Shirt turned out well !
3 years ago
A  disinfectant could be hydrogen peroxide to clean doorknobs and such this is not a manufacturing and disposal problem like chlorine.  A quart of hydrogen peroxide is $1 or less ( dollar store, walmart0

They make natural hand sanitzing sprays that are basically rubbing alcohol and essential oils, you could make this.  

I usually use bar soap tht I make to wash hands.  It may be more sanitary for this to have a pump type hand washing soap, could be Dr Bronners, etc... next to the sink .  That way you could use hydrogen peroxide to sterilize the pump and water faucet routinely.

It may be a good idea to have alot of cloths, old towels ripped in half or what have you to not have the same hand towel.  Could be you would want to not use the hand towel again that you used for washing hands when you get home ntil it has been washed.  Might be best to wash in realy hot water or boil, or leave out in the sun after washing in cold water to kill germs on these hand towels, we will be using more hand towels
3 years ago
Many years ago I lived with my husband in a very small apartment, and we wanted the very small bedroom for an office.  So, we just slept on a hide a bed ( fold out couch).   It was not difficult at all, the bottom sheet stays on the mattress, so you just scoop off the duvet and pillows, all in one, put the pillows on top of the duvet, roll it up, put it in the closet, fold the mattress frame back into the couch, put the cushions back on the couch.  Takes less time than making a conventional bed.  Very quick and easy.  It is my understanding that the Japanese traditionally had bedding that was rolled up and put away every day so that the space was used for other things.  
3 years ago
I would love to see a photo of the Alabama Chanin style T that you made for yourself
3 years ago
And yes, if the bed is a loft bed, off the floor or a murphy bed then the bedroom area can have double duty for sewing or office or....
3 years ago