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Hi Thomas. I start planting the first aspects of my forest garden this year. I was attracted to the idea as a way of increasing our resilience and ability to fend for ourselves. When I realised this could be combined with low impact gardening that supports uk wildlife and actually increases soil fertility I was sold! My eventual objective with it is to leave a self supporting ecosystem for others to use and enjoy long after I’m gone.
I will check out your fundraiser.
Best wishes, Helen
10 months ago
Thanks Anne. I thought common Poppy might be ok. I will pass on your suggestion 🙂

Hi. A company I buy from is considering impregnating their cardboard packaging with flower seeds as not all packaging ends up in the recycling waste stream. They don’t know much about flowers so have asked customers what we think. I pointed out that shipping non native invasive species world wide might be problematic and suggested they look for a widely dispersed annual that occupies a specific niche and then dies back. I don’t want to be discouraging so does anyone have any suggestions for a flowering plant that might work?