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Thank you, Gerry. I gather it's not a wise idea!
4 years ago
Hi everyone…

My understanding of stoves is slightly better than non-existent. My skill and experience in masonry is even worse. My budget is very tight as well. So building a Vortex stove or purchasing a ready made plan seems not to be an option.

Hence I'm trying to conceive a second or third best option as can be seen in the attached image (in reverse order). Is this an absurd idea of a stove? It's a heavily bastardized version of the Vortex stove; basically, just two layers of mass under the firebox/ashbox.

If budget allows I want to use firebricks all around (appr 60 bricks) for durability (same thermal behaviour, expansion - contraction).

It is to heat "evenly" two rooms: a 24 m2 (258 sq foot) room in the first floor –with a 120 cm (4') deep, spread foot foundation (a reinforced concrete unibody, because of the catastrophic earthquake zone)– and the room just above with the same dimensions by means of two vents for hot air transfer and cold air return.

The house itself is a reinforced concrete construction, moderately insulated I suppose.

Climate, daily mean °C (°F):
Dec 8.3 (46.9), Jan-Feb 6 (42., Mar 7.7 (45.9), Apr 12 (53.6)

For the last couple of years it's been warmer than the above averages, with a few days around or under 0°C (32°F), though quite windy days and nights are not rare.

If it's not an absurd idea and is worth the hassle and "safe":

1. How thick should the bottom, foundation layer be? And should it be insulated? With calcium silicate boards?

2. Are fused cast mullite bricks ( or one of those refractory castables (presuming they're not very expensive) better for firebox? Without additional calcium silicate boards insulation?

3. How thick should the firebox walls be?

4. I can't feed woods from top, cook top and get away without a front door for wood feeding, can I?

5. What should the sizes and positions of the hot air transfer and cold air return vents be to evenly heat the upstairs room with the same dimensions?

6. Anything else?

Any input or pointer greatly appreciated.
4 years ago