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Nice discussion on complementary care for snake bite!  I live in GA and recently my 8 yr old Vizsla was bitten and envenomated by a pit viper, a Copperhead.  Opted NOT for antivenin therapy, rather: prednisone, antibiotic, and Benadryl as Rx by my Vet.  My background is partly medical research and worked in a complementary med practice ( for humans ).  Wanting to add to my Vizsla’s care I did ( like I would for work ) a literature survey of pertinent research and anecdotal discussion.
I could make this long, but cut to the chase:

1.  There is good evidence for Indian & Bangladesh studies that tea, green tea, is a likely modulator of envenomation.
I’m giving my Vizsla one capsule of green tea extract.  More might be indicated but use caution, dogs that got too much were sickened.
See: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Jiraporn_Leanpolchareanchai/publication/26654875_Inhibitory_Effect_of_Tea_Polyphenols_on_Local_Tissue_Damage_induced_by_Snake_Venoms/links/5c90f7ed45851564fae7a49b/Inhibitory-Effect-of-Tea-Polyphenols-on-Local-Tissue-Damage-induced-by-Snake-Venoms.pdf?origin=publication_detail

2. I’m giving milk thistle cap as well as dandelion tea for liver / kidney support.

3. Benadryl & Prednisone therapy, while debated is a good idea nevertheless; while it doesn’t stop the toxins in the venom it ameliorates some of the symptoms that cause necrosis of tissue.
You can find discussion of same by a vet in FL who swears by it.

4. 30mg CoQ10 as supportive.

5. Canned pumpkin as supportive nutrition, at least enough to be a base to add some of above to.

I hope this above research helps someone / community!
1 year ago