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My name is Jennifer, I'm married to a wonderful man for 28 years and counting. We have four grown children. Two girls and two boys. Being a mom is my most important and favorite job. I love to garden, paint, crochet, read, go to the movies, upcycle/refinish furniture, and do just about any art or craft project. We have 3 dogs, 5 indoor cats, ? cats that live on our property, and 21 chickens. All but the chickens are strays that just showed up and demanded we love them, so we do.
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Recent posts by Jen Fulkerson

Unfortunately at least my experience is with planting aromatic plants is they don't work just growing.  If you brush up against it or crush it then it helps.  
The only thing that really helps me is to keep the coop as clean as I can.  Adding fresh wood chips.
I feel adding D.E. wouldn't hurt, but I'm not sure how much good it will do . It's great for fleas, and mites, but the fly would have to land on it, and even then I don't know if it would kill the fly???
Good luck, wish I could be of more help. There's a bunch of fly products, but I don't use that kind of stuff.
17 hours ago
The day I took the picture my daughter asked what I was doing, and I explained.  She took some pictures from a child's prospective. That's why the raised bed looks so tall
I love my cattle panel trellis. Not only do they function well, once they are covered they are beautiful.
Thanks for all the kind words.
17 hours ago
Thank you very much. It's definitely my happy place.  

Nancy the roof on the barn is corrugated steel. Maybe the evening light is making it look green.  
The raised bed I make from old redwood fence boards, and some old corrugated steel panels.  It's about two feet tall.  In it I'm growing cosmos,  cucumber, a pepper, bush beans, a white eggplant, and calendula. The garden is doing well so far. We have already eaten a cucumber, and peppers, and  there's an eggplant almost ready from this bed.
1 day ago
A couple more pics
2 days ago
I took some pictures today. It's been very hot, 105 today. So I waited until it cooled down a bit, so it was getting a bit dark.
2 days ago
Just wanted to let you know I will post pictures soon. I tried to take some yesterday after work, but it was dusk, and all the pictures looked hazy.
The reason I didn't post pictures originally was though I love my garden, it's messy and wild and certainly not awe-inspiring, especially for adult gardeners. That's one of the reasons the comment warmed my heart so.
3 days ago
Thanks all.  I'm ok with more smaller corn, if I get corn.  
I hadn't considered biomass. I can always use more compost.
Zucchini is providing me with lots of biomass.  The leaves are 8 to 12 inches across and long. They are huge. I prune all the leaves under the zucchini, so I'm getting several leaves a week, and that's just the first one to start to produce. This makes me realize I need another compost stall. Always to much to do. Oh well, such is life.
3 days ago
I had trouble growing watermelon last year, so I put in a few hugel beet beds. I read watermelon like warm soil, and sometimes watering cools the soil down and slows the growth. I don't have a clue if this is true, but I decided to put a couple  of diy ollas. I plant the watermelon around the ollas.  I used the saucer as a lid. I fill the saucer with water every day.  I have seen bees, and wasps drinking. We have tons of lizards, dragonfly and toads. There's also snakes ( hopefully only gopher, and Gardner snakes. I don't usually see them which makes me happy)
Ollas water watermelon and and lots of critters.
4 days ago
You've heard of 3 sisters, well this is crowded sisters. Corn is on my no grow list.  It takes too much space for what you get. In the past I have had a problem with tomato worms ( sorry I don't know what they are called, but you know what I mean). To top it off it's pretty cheap to buy. If I want fresh I go to the farmers market.
But .. my kids really want me to grow corn. My son cleaned and worked a huge space for corn. My hope was with that much corn the gophers couldn't get it all, I hope. Then we got a letter saying we had to repair our barn roof or loose our insurance. The spot for the corn is the access we need for the repair, so no corn.
I built a 3 1/3 X3 1/2 raised bed with hardwire cloth on the bottom.  I planted a ridiculous amount of corn, plus watermelon, and pumpkin.  Soon I will add a few beans.  It may not work. No one thinks it will. Even if it doesn't it was worth it just to see the reaction of everyone who sees it.  I don't know what will happen, but I have had amazing luck mass planting my garden beds. You look at it and think no way will anything produce. But I have experienced just the opposite.  So why not push the boundaries of corn?  Wish me luck.
4 days ago
When it comes to gardening I'm a little crazy. I just keep adding more, I can't seem to stop myself, well honestly I haven't tried, why would I?  I have my original garden ( three times the original size) a greenhouse, garden beds where my hugelkulture used to be, a food forest want to be, a rose garden ( in much need of care) and various flower beds.  Nothing is neat and manicured. I kind of have a wild and free style.
I'm adding a new little hugel beet, and hear voices. My sister-in-law has her 2 granddaughters, and they are touring my garden. They haven't noticed me yet, and I hear one of the girls say "this is a magical garden".  It really made my day.
It's the little things, like giving joy to kiddos, feeding my family, sharing plants and produce, giving my friends a beautiful bouquet, that makes it all worth while.  
I'm a crazy growing fool, but I have a magical garden, and I can live with that.
5 days ago