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Recent posts by Jen Fulkerson

Thanks so much for all the great information.  The peaches are peeled and pitted, and the jars are still sealed.  They don't appear to be moldy, but are darker than they were.  I guess my next step is to open one up and give it a sniff.  Thanks again everyone.
14 hours ago
we made a fire pit out of one.
2 days ago
I don't want to think of Christmas this year, because there is no money.  I guess it will require some creative thinking.  The extended family does the white elephant thing(everyone brings a wrapped gift 5 to 10$ value, and its a game, everyone gets a present, unwraps it and we go around in a circle and you can swap gifts with someone else.)  Its fun and keeps the cost down.  I was thinking an herb garden, I have the herbs and soil, just need to find something fun and the thrift store as a container,  I have everything I need to make rice bags(sew a tube put rice in sew a pocked, more rice ect. make a flannel cover. Can be kept in the freezer like an ice pack, or warmed in the microwave as a hot pack)  Maybe crack some walnuts, lord knows we have more then we can use.  I'm trying to be positive about it.  My kids are 19 - 26, and no grand-kids,  so they understand, but it's still hard.  
2 days ago
I'm sad to say several years ago I canned peaches, I was a very hard year for us and time slipped by and we didn't eat a lot of the peaches.  I haven't canned since.  Every year I say this year I'm going to, and haven't managed it.  I was thinking I should get rid of the old peaches and clean the jars, to remove one of the obstacles, so maybe next year I will actually do it.  You are asking why I'm posting this on the chicken forum about now.  I want to throw the peaches into my compost pile, which is in the chicken yard.  I was wondering if the chickens manage to get to one of the peaches will it cause harm to them?  I thought I would put the peaches on the bottom and move the compost on top of the peaches, but the chickens never leave the compost pile alone, matter of fact they are quite excited when I add to the compost.  I don't want to endanger them.  I would love your thoughts, Thanks.  
2 days ago
I love to plant flowers in my veggie garden.  Only eatable flowers go in my veggie garden, then everyone knows you can eat everything in there.  I grow most of what is on your list and Cosmos, they attract many helpful insects like green Lacewing.  They are voracious eaters of soft-bodied insects like aphids, scale, and thrips.  Borage, attracts bees. (this can be a pain because it will self seed everywhere)  Lavender repel several common veggie pests, also cut down on the number of ticks in the area, and moths and mice avoid the sent.  Zinnia attracts bees.  Chamomile attracts beneficial insects.
3 days ago
Thank you Trace I may have to do that.  I removed the large pallet, and replaced it with chicken wire.  I put chicken wire on top of the small pallet, so they can't stand on it, and I put more fencing on that fence by the compost pile.  This seemed to work for a few days, but then the rooster and 1 hen were out.  Today the rooster and 5 hens were out.  They always have layer feed in the feeder, and I feed them fermented grains after work each day.  This week I have been sick, so I didn't give them the grains, and those are the days they were out.  So I will try to heighten the fence, but I think I will water there yard, to loosen the dirt, (I live in N. California and the ground is hard and dry)  and maybe throw a bunch of wood chips in there yard.  It seems like they are getting out when they are board, or want something other then chicken feed to eat.
I'm so bummed the rooster went after me today when I was trying to herd everyone into the chicken yard.  All the chickens seem to like me, they will come over and look at me and talk to me, and the rooster just seemed to avoid me until today.  I hope it's because he thought I was a threat to his hen, and will behave himself.  I never get a rooster on purpose,  he was sold as a hen.  I hate to have to always be on my guard and watch my back.  I have heard people say wonderful things about roosters, this has not been my experience, but I was hoping  to get lucky this time.  I enjoy spending time with my chickens, and we don't eat them, they are pets that give us eggs, so it's hard to deal with a mean rooster, especially one that can get out when he wants to.
3 days ago
Thank you so much for posting this.  I think my daughter may be hsp.  What you talk about and some of the links sound familiar.  I will show her this post and the links you provided, maybe it will help her.  It will be helpful for her to have support, and tools to help her validate her feeling and cope with them.  I have never even heard of this, so thank you so much.  As a mom it's a tough line to walk, because there are times I want to say oh come on!  But I have never liked for people to tell me how, or what "I" feel, so I have always tried very hard not to do that to my children.  Thanks again.
3 days ago
My brother in law did all his raised beds with double cinder blocks. I loved it, but knew I couldn't afford it.  My garden is a miss mash of things.  One is made using a wood frame for a twin size bed.  I'm sure my niece thought I was a total nut when I asked if I could have it, and dragged it off the truck bound for the dump.  It has made a very nice raised bed, and lasted longer than I thought it would.   2 beds are from a kit 4x4x2. I got those on clearance for 5$. I didn't think they were deep enough, so I added fence board to the top.  3 are made from cinder blocks.  Two are 1 block high in a octagon shape. This let me put them corner to corner to get more planting space with less blocks.  Last is my newest on 3'x5' double cinder block high.  I didn't do it this way originally because the blocks are cheap, but still add up, but mostly it was knowing how much soil I would need to fill it.  But now that I know about using wood it's a win win.  Buy less soil, and get all the benefits the wood will give.  This is now my favorite bed!  So much easier to use.  I know what I'm asking for my birthday.   My family already know I' m strange, this year I asked for and got a hog panel to make a trellis with.
5 days ago
I think it not only matters where you are, but what you are mulching, and what your goal is.  I put weed cloth down and covered it about 6" of wood chips In my garden paths.  I planted two grapes by the back garden fence.  The first year they didn't do well, and I thought it was because I planted them too late, but the next year when they didn't die, but didn't grow I knew something was up.  I did some research and one site said grapes didn't like there roots too shaded, not to mulch it.  I moved the mulch back from the grapes and they have been growing and doing well ever since.  An other place I'm trying to keep the weeds from growing.  I put an 8" layer of wood chips down and the Johnson grass still grows through it.  Its less than without the mulch, but still a lot grows through.  I guess I will dump a few more inches on and see if that does the trick.  This year I will mulch my veggie garden for the first time, in the past I didn't do it because I was afraid the mulch would smother the veggie seeds, but it seems if its not to thick it wont.  What is a good place to start?  2" maybe and adjust as needed?  I live in N. California zone 9b, and I look forward to trying this, I think it will help a lot.  
6 days ago
I wounder about planting things like mint, cat seem to hate strong mint smells.
1 week ago