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Daniel Westman

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since Feb 09, 2010
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JadeQueen I think you have misunderstood what Georgian economics is all about. Georgian economics "holds that everyone owns what they create, but that everything found in nature, most importantly land, belongs equally to all of humanity". Georgian economics isn´t about high taxes or confiscating land from unemployed people, it´s about replacing all of todays income taxes etc. with a single tax on land ownership(based on unimproved land value). If you extract raw material from the earth, gold ore for example, and sell it, everyone should benefit from it as those raw materials from a Georgian view belongs equally to everyone. But if you are the buyer of that gold ore and refine it into jewellry, you´ve created "something out of nothing" and then you and only you should reap the benefits.  And it´s not "the government" that benefit from the land tax, it´s for the benefit of all people. With Georgian economics you don´t get an economy where all the land is owned and benefited from by 2% of the people, you then get a system where those 2% rent the land from the other 98% of the people.

The more I think about the fact that you can actually own land today, the more wierd the thought seems. The idea of non-existent individual land ownership isn´t new. The Native Americans had a very different view of land ownership than the "white men", they didn´t understand what the european settlers meant when they offered to buy the land.

Native American view of land ownership:
"Land, a part of the universe, belonged to all, particularly the tribe. Individual land ownership did not exist, since all were entitled to the fruits of nature. Users' rights were protected and specified in various traditions, but there was no such things as land "ownership". Generally, individuals could clear as much land as needed for farming; this land would remain in a family's possession as long as they continued to use it. Once it was abandoned, anyone else could cultivate it."

Native Americans had a very advanced society that lived in harmony with nature for hundreds of years. I can´t say the same for our western society. Our chances of survival on our current path is slim, and our economic system is partly to blame. I´m not saying that Georgism is the solution for all of our problems, but it´s an interesting alternative to today´s unfair and enslaving tax on income.

As for the issue you´re mentioning that Memorial Coliseum is under-used, you can hardly blame Georgian economics for that problem. That´s a problem that has arisen under the current economic system.
11 years ago
Sounds fun with a permaculture project in Sweden!
I live in Umeå and have been thinking about volunteering at an organic farm in Sweden this summer. Do you accept wwoofers?
12 years ago