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Recent posts by Frank Spezzano

Eliot Mason wrote:

Will you need a simple flap on the top of the exhaust to keep water out when its not operating?  Water in the "U" is probably not enough back pressure to keep it from starting but standing water in the exhaust system seems bad.

Now ... why doesn't my vertical stack have one?  Hmmm... I may have a task to complete....

Good point, Eliot.  Will definitely employ a rain flap.
2 months ago

bruce Fine wrote:steiner tractor parts has the exhaust pieces for the ford. ive looked into changing the one I have

Thanks, Bruce.  
2 months ago

Jack Edmondson wrote:Congrats on the new tractor.

So, ummmh....

Is the Gravely for sale?  Asking for a friend.  

Sorry, Jack.  The old Gravely is the sentimental, if underpowered, favorite.  Planning to keep it for smaller stuff.  If you want me to keep an eye out for a decent Gravely walk behind for your friend, happy to.  We get a few decent ones for sale on CL every year.
2 months ago

Eric Hanson wrote:Frank,

Congrats on the new tractor!

Regarding the exhaust, I know that some tractors have kits that allow for the vertical exhaust.  But if there is no kit, then a vertical exhaust will have to be fitted either alongside the hood of the tractor or hood will have to be cut to allow the exhaust through.

The exhaust pipe and muffler should be fairly easy to find.  My thought is to try to find a way to pipe the exhaust to the side so as to not interfere with the hood opening.


Thanks, Eric.  Will take a photo to post the next time I have the 2000 out of the garage.

Your thought makes sense, about piping the exhaust to the side, rather than interfering with the hood.  In my searching, I saw a short video of a larger Ford tractor that the owner had put a vertical stack onto by installing a "U" from the down-facing exhaust manifold (like mine has) so the exhaust was then facing "up", and then attached a vertical stack/muffler to the "U".  Seemed to work just fine.  I just need to make sure there's room for the "U" given the location of the loader rails.
2 months ago

Eric Hanson wrote:Brian makes a totally fair point about Yanmar Diesel engines.  A refurbished or used Yanmar tractor has real potential to be a very useful tractor and potentially can save you a bundle.

It is easier to go and buy a new model from a dealer lot, but if you keep your eyes open and look around, then you might well be able to find a great deal.

And just for reference sake, I am using JD specs simply because that is what I know.  Kubota has many fans as do New Holland, Bobcats and an increasingly large number of manufacturers.

Choose as you see is best and good luck!


Update on the tractor, and a question.  Friend with tractor wasn't able to help me out this spring.  Not the end of the world, but my pasture sure could've used some help, so decided to get back to looking for my own 4-wheel tractor.  Also had to lower my budget a bit because of several other projects, not the least of which is re-siding the house.  Really wanted something used but decent with a loader and backhoe, but finding that combination on a decent tractor, even used, was difficult.  So found a tractor w/loader bucket in good shape, and looking to add the backhoe at earliest opportunity.  Got a 1975 Ford 2000.  3-cyl. gas.  I like it, and think it'll work well for me, particularly as I add the implements that I need - backhoe, disc harrow, auger.  Maybe brushhog.  So that's the update on the tractor.  I would consider it a success, except ..... My Ford 2000 has the rear exhaust, not the vertical stack.  The problem with that, as you probably already know, is that muffler/pipe tend to get caught on stuff, especially saplings.  It took me about 10 minutes of back blading to lose the muffler and bend the pipe.  Novice mistake.  Replacement pipe found, and can get the muffler welded onto the new pipe.  Not a big problem to fix it, but it doesn't solve the underlying problem of the setup.  Been trying to find info on how/what's needed to change to a vertical pipe.  Thoughts?  Guidance?
2 months ago
EL,  South facing and earth sheltered?  Maybe.  I went with Phil Chandler's eco-floor on my top bars (mesh bottom filled with forest debris).  Not sure if you could do that up north, or how the interior temp/humidity would be affected.
6 months ago
Thanks, Eric.  Overall, I'm really pleased with the Gravely.  It's a 1968 model L8, and does a lot of things well.  On a small scale.  But back to my original post, it just doesn't have the oomph for some things, or the accessories for other things.  Although they made virtually every attachment imaginable for the old Gravely tractors, including a backhoe.  

You've been really helpful in helping me figure things out.  As D Nikolls suggested, the loader/backhoe combination with the walk-behind is probably the way to go for my property and priorities.  Will keep you all updated.
7 months ago
Let's see if this works.  Here's a photo (hopefully) of the Gravely pushing snow this past December.  I've got the rotary plow on today, turning over some new rows for the garden, and starting holes for fruit tree sapling.  For many things, my 6.6hp Gravely walk-behind does a great job.
7 months ago

D Nikolls wrote:

A fullsize loader/backhoe would do a *much* better job than my tractor at moving spoil by the bucket, and it would be practical to go use the backhoe for smaller jobs where driving the excavator is too slow, expensive, and risky(vandalism if left out there, breakdowns far from shop..) to be practical.

If you don't need largeish 3pt implements, a walk-behind and loader/backhoe combo sounds quite capable!

It could also be a medium term tool; maybe in a few years you are done most of the backhoe stuff and switch to a tractor...?

Agreed, D.  On all of those points, including the last as the homestead evolves.
7 months ago

John Weiland wrote:I posted this backhoe link on another thread, but just in case others don't know about the all-in-one, ball-hitch towed small backhoes.  

Never seen that before, John.  Thanks.  Probably not the best choice for my situation, but good to hear it works well for you.
7 months ago