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Recent posts by Ron Haberman

Reading all these posts was interesting, here in Southern Idaho we have had cold but not as cold as our Canadian neighbors to the North. Ice storm last evening, and now is about 32 degrees F, with hopes it gets into the 40's F this week.
1 month ago
There is really something about howling wind when one is safe inside. I grew up in North Dakota in the 50's, lots of wind and snow and we lived on a farm far from anyting. Loved to watch the dancing snows and the drifting, amazing things grew overnight. My brothers and I thrived on Winter, as I am sure some kids still do.
1 month ago
Welcome Mark. Looking forward to your book.
2 months ago
My compost pile is done, almost everything I dumped into it is now black, and mostly not recognizable. I am ready to apply to garden and flower beds. How thick is the optimum amount to place around plants? Is 1 inch enough, 3-5 inches is that better?  I would like to hear from others.
6 months ago
I had no idea there were so many different and very interesting beans, and all different colors.
8 months ago
Thanks for that Now I do understand it a bit better.

I will make my own in small batches the wood for me is free to use.

1 year ago
I could not find what you referred to, could you be more specific? Thanks.
1 year ago
Just saw a video on You tube about this product and making biochar for garden from it.

Was wondering if that is OK or is their a problem here?

Would appreciate comments.
1 year ago

Kathy Woods wrote:   Thank you!~By chance, do you have any suggestions as to how i could go about getting all of this wood to be used?~Ive seen that a lot of folks try to get chips from tree trimmers, etc., Id love to have a way to get my woods cleared of a lot of it?~I have 45 acres of it~

And where would this be?
1 year ago