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I love Eckhart Tolle's views on spirituality, Neil DeGrasse Tyson's cosmic queries, Anne Carson's poetry, Anne Lister's secrets, Sally Wainwright's storytelling, Vandana Shiva's fight for food sovereignty, and of course all the permaculture heroes!
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Recent posts by Flora Eerschay

I made roasted bone marrow once before, and it was delicious. Like a super tasty meaty jelly. This time, I ordered "marrow bones", but they were not the round cuts from the leg - these bones are flat, like part of a shoulder perhaps?
I found some that were "open" enough and roasted them like before, but this time the marrow was still hard.
The other bones were too thin, so now I threw all of them into a pot, to make a bone broth.

The only thing I did differently was that the bones were in salted water just overnight. Previously it was three days. But the marrow was also just different. So, did I do something wrong, or are they just wrong kind of bones?
3 days ago
Thanks, everyone! I chose Sansevieria (the "snake plant"), because it doesn't expand too much. Wikipedia says that it can yield fiber to make bowstrings! Maybe I'll make twine of it. I'm so obsessed with permaculture now, that I just can't have a plant that doesn't "do" anything... ;)
And the pitayas will go to more sunny places.
2 weeks ago
...and poor air flow, high humidity, and small space...

I do have the garden, but I like to have some plants indoors, too. Other than sprouts.

I successfuly grew pitaya cacti from seeds collected from a market fruit; but they stopped growing. I'll probably sell them. They are potential fruit crops, because they could bear edible fruits, but in better conditions...

They need more air movement (but no wind) and more sun (but not too much), perfect for a greenhouse or a winter garden patio. They develop mould each time they're watered, even if they're completely dry before.

However, maybe there are some plants that could survive in such place, and even do something good? For example: clean the air, suck up excess humidity, and not take up much space. They don't even have to produce edible fancy fruits...

Windows are to the North and the same relatively small area serves as a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom (which is somewhat separate, but the kitchen is not, and doesn't have a cooker hood).

Here is one of the poor pitayas - now about 2 years old - in a hanging pot which I made of calabash and crocheted net.

Edited to reduce size of the photo...
2 weeks ago

Hugo Morvan wrote:Flora what is a bower?

I mean the tiny house that people build in allotment gardens, not to live in but to keep their stuff inside.

I agree that sometimes people want to be 100% eco-friendly from day one and they're just exhausted, sometimes not even knowing what the good thing to do is.
3 weeks ago
I was thinking of a dry toilet, but I can't carry the heavy bucket... but I have an opportunity to get an abandoned allotment. I think it doesn't have any rainwater harvesting system (except for a broken gutter which points to the ground), nor a toilet. But it has a quite good bower (almost a tiny house) and impressive glass greenhouse (many glass windows broken and stuff needs repair, but still...).

That sounds crazy, if you can't use rainwater on your own land...
3 weeks ago
Pretty! I have a corn field next to my garden, so my corns probably crossed with those. I don't know why but looks like the majority of large conventional fields are growing corn now.
3 weeks ago
I think the way she breaks the neck - by twisting the pig with both hands - requires quite a lot of strength in arms? Maybe it only looks like this in the video, but I don't know if I'd be physically able to do it this way. She  looks strong!
Also, guinea pigs are not officially recognized as farm animals here, so it probably wouldn't be legal to use them as food. I know of someone who wanted to change that, but faced a lot of hate from pet lovers.
3 weeks ago
There is African swine fever virus which mostly affects factory farms, where pigs are tightly packed together. Also wild boars are affected here and there. But this video you mentioned looks like fear mongering.

Rob, I'm a big fan of Joe Rogan!!
4 weeks ago

Olga Booker wrote:Douglas Aplenstock wrote:

Madame Booker, I hereby confer upon thee the honourary degree "Master of Badassity." Wear it proudly.

Well, kind Sir, I thank thee!


Blimey! as they say in English, thank you so much everyone for all of them apples and pies! Never expected that.  As I re-read my post, I only noticed the spelling mistakes, (but then it was 1:00 am my time when I wrote it), and the fact that I told a lie.  I did buy some item of clothing recently, I bought some new knickers!

Have a lovely day you kind people!

I love that your "I plant trees" was just an intro to build up drama :D
1 month ago
You know you're a permie when you visit friends who are also permies and you eat delicious food and everything around is edible, compostable, regenerative and beautiful! And the chickens want to eat your pencils but not your charcoal.
1 month ago