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I love Eckhart Tolle's views on spirituality, Neil DeGrasse Tyson's cosmic queries, Anne Carson's poetry, Anne Lister's secrets, Sally Wainwright's storytelling, Vandana Shiva's fight for food sovereignty, and of course all the permaculture heroes!
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Recent posts by Flora Eerschay

I did a lot already! Weather was beautiful, finally sunny after many rainy, cloudy days. It also rained a lot last night. I was planning to fix the pond edge but couldn't, because of overflow. So I chopped some dry wood and as I walked around the garden I saw young plants sprouting here and there, I could swear they weren't there yesterday!
I will also try a new experiment: to have a monstera grow in my aquarium. The internet says it should, but it also said so about bamboo and mine died. So far, the perfect plant for growing in water (in soil or without) is willow. Fish and other critters love it too.
I do have a lot of computer work and stuff, but I just couldn't resist the beautiful weather...
LGBT people are theoretically less likely to have offspring (maybe except the bisexual) but the numbers are steady (even growing as more people feel safe to come out these days) so why not autism. Evolution is more about trying a diversity of directions, than moving towards a goal, methinks.
1 week ago
I just realized, that Monstera is called Deliciosa because it produces delicious fruits! Theoretically it's a food crop although the fruits seem to be very rare. I wonder if all the fancy varieties produce edible fruits, or just the "basic" one.
1 week ago
Or you can use a spring trap, that instantly kills the mouse? Just check it often so that the mouse is still fresh when you feed it to chickens. I think mouse is too small for cervical dislocation or something like this, and considering that you first have to catch and hold it somehow, and it already went through the stress of being caught in a live trap, I think spring trap is just as humane in this scenario. Just make sure that the bait is edible for chickens too.
1 week ago

Mark Reed wrote:I voted yes, although I originally just wanted a little garden pond.

Wow, so many different birds in your area!
I think a bird bath was my first tiny water feature in the garden, which evolved into a bowl of water in a terrarium, then an aquarium, then a small pond and a bigger pond... Now I only keep the aquarium and the pond.
Pond will have floating willow branches tied to the side, as soon as the risk of frost goes away. That will provide a rescue for creatures that fall in, and a sitting spot for birds. Some insects may still become fish food; mosquitoes for sure.
1 week ago
Yes! You can mix it with drier compost if it's too thick and dense. I remember that soil which was under water for some time contains some mineral which plants need... but I don't rememer which one. Was it phosphorus, or maybe potassium...? Of course not just this one, but maybe it's more concentrated in pond mud. I should probably find that source again ;)
2 weeks ago
I don't participate because I don't have a proper patch of dirt, although maybe I could if it turned to dirt again after the season... but I have too many other plans. However, I will probably fence off some (much smaller) areas of my garden to protect them when seedlings are young so maybe that will be something similar... but temporary and then I will move the fence to another spot. I need to fence off everything, even with the help of thorny plants!
2 weeks ago
I voted with my imaginary perhaps future quail ;))
Definitely eggs and maybe meat, cute pets for sure! Of course they will generate compost and also their bedding will be mulch. Maybe I'll finally grow a decent salad... and other leafy vegetables. They will cost some, in the beginning, and they will probably not earn much although I may sell some too. They will definitely be a new hobby just like aquarium is/was, and it evolved into a garden pond.
2 weeks ago
This forum is obviously English, but many users are from non-English speaking countries too, and/or their mother tongue is other than English. Permaculture also embraced many words from other languages, such as milpa from Nahuatl language, which is a system of producing a diversity of crops together.
I was recently listening to a podcast about books, in which a translator complained about "smaller" languages disappearing as the more popular ones dominate the world.
So I thought we could all come up with some words, maybe not your favourite ever, but a non-English word of the day?

Here is mine - not a very Polish word, but somewhat relates to permaculture concept of constructing and creating things. The word is "wihajster", and in Polish it means "tool", but not any specific tool; can be a multi-purpose thing, or your favourite item that you always have at hand, or something you're looking for, or something you're not really sure what's it for.
It is of German origin, and comes from wie hei├čt er - "what's his name" - as if you forgot the actual name of the thing, but also when it can be used in many different ways.
2 weeks ago
I mean, get hurt by falling off something... I know they can hit a cage roof if they fly when startled, and the roof isn't low or high enough. But the cage with shelves could also protect them from that, maybe with some extra twigs woven into the roof?
2 weeks ago