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Typo in my last reply - "Concrete does not allow moisture in and out like cob does, so I would personally avoid incorporating wood frame walls with cob buildings, given the same air flow issue as concrete."  I had intended to type "given the moisture issues and potential for mold" (which has been seen when closing off the cob homes with other materials).  I had two different sentences in my head while only typing one, hence the initial  Sorry for the confusion.
While the original post started 4 years ago, I did want to add some input for anyone currently having these issues.  

As a natural healer for well over a decade (high level energy healer), I can tell you that chiropractic, Western Medicine, acupuncture, and other modalities do not come close to touching what a high level energy healer can do.  That said, what you put into (and on) your body, can have detrimental effects.  Some people did touch base with snippets of information on diet and inflammatory foods.  One noted that the inflammatory diet actually made her partner’s pain/condition worsen.  That is likely due to the fact that he was now not taking enough of the omega-6 for inflammation (yes, we need some inflammation in times of injury and certain types of healing).  Most find that the 1:2 ratio works great for the right balance of Omega 3 to Omega 6 etc oils, and is considered to have the most anti-aging effects (of healthy fats).  It is also important to note where those oils are coming from; rancid oils from the store or any pill form (which is shown in studies to be very ineffective).  Also sprouted nuts/seeds (this is the only way one should eat nuts/seeds due to the mineral blocking phytic acid in them), are a weak form of Omega-3 and the body needs to convert it into a usable form as well.  However, wild caught fish (not farm raised) with higher amounts of Omega-3, are superior as a highly utilized Omega-3.  Omega-3 pills are not in natural form, and have been modified via an extraction process, that the body does not recognize it as food/usable form.  Yes, these pills can have a buffering effect, by the effects are very short-term.  Eliminating all grains (due to the gut damaging and inflammatory lectins), unless you properly ferment the rye and wheat and keep the cooking temperature low enough to not destroy the beneficial phytase enzyme.  Rye and wheat are the only grains you should be fermenting and eating, if any grains are consumed, because they have enough of the phytase enzyme to neutralize the mineral binding phytic acid (by mineral binding, it is in the sense of not allowing them to be absorbed by the body – and also contributes to kidney etc stones along with a diet that has oxalates (oxalates help form crystals via mineral binding).  Oxalic acid foods are not the problem; our bodies cells actually require oxalic acid, but it’s when we do things like overcook vegetables etc that turn that oxalic acid into a damaging and mineral binding oxalate.  A.G.E. (aged glycation end products) are damaging to the cells much like oxidative damage, and happen when we do things like overcook meat or eat a higher amount of sugar combined with higher protein or higher fat.  Meat does not require much to be considered overcooked, and we really shouldn’t be eating meat well done.  Pasteurized dairy (on top of grain fed cows), is highly inflammatory and promotes gut damage as well as helps feed the bad bacteria in the gut (as does whey, improperly fermented soy sauce, sugar/fructose – fruit, high starches, alcohol, etc.  Healthy gut bacteria also feed on complex starches (grains not included, as they contribute to leaky gut, food sensitivities, inflammation).  Nightshade veggies can have similar effects in inflammation, typically for people who have a leaky/inflamed gut (white potato, eggplant, hot peppers, bell peppers, goji berries, etc).  Nut and other oils (other than coconut, 1st cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, and low heat/non pasteurized grass fed butter) are extremely inflammatory and too high in Omega-6 etc.  Keeping toxins low in the body, by trying to eat organic foods that were grown in nutrient dense soil, as well as avoiding products that use chemically made or irritating ingredients.  German Chamomile is as effective if not more effective in studies, than the NSAID drugs on the market.  You can steep the tea and then refrigerate/freeze it for cosmetic anti-inflammatory applications.  Some people may utilize the poultice application, and should work just as good minus the additional anti-inflammatory effects of the cold/ice.  I don’t want to write a novel, so I’ll stop there.  For high level and faster healing, seeing a high level energy healer is something that will leave you speechless.  Quantum Energy Healing/Kundalini Activations should be terms that healer is familiar with and practices.  If not, your results of energy healing may not be very effective.  As with anything, there are a lot of fakes in our field.  I personally have aligned people’s spines via energy and no touch.  I access their energy meridians and chakras, flow the energy and activate it as high as possible each time, to promote (for most) permanent healing.  The body will even physically vibrate/shake with the activation of kundalini energy.  Some speak very badly of that energy activation online, but clearly these were not legitimate healers.  This energy lies within the body, and was meant to heal us at a very rapid rate.  When Western Medicine doctors tell a client/clients that they’ve healed 99.9% faster than anyone they’ve seen and doctors come to see you as clients, you know there is no smoke and mirrors or trickery.  It’s easy for people to be skeptical, until they experience it for themselves.  With a mixed Native American background, this was my natural intuitive gift, and will do this work till the day I leave this world.
1 year ago
I'm always leery of materials, like wood, being used with cob houses.  I have already seen (what they call) Earthship homes crumble as well as rotten wood.  Cob has been known to have the same issues when people try to incorporate normal house materials/building codes, as cob homes breathe and allow moisture in and out (unlike a regular home with wood, concrete, etc).  This has caused issues like mold, etc and I have read of people even having to completely move out of a relatively newly built eco-home.  The same applies to using regular insulation in a cob home; it prevents the breathing of the walls that is required.  I have however, seen solid cob homes being built with wood support beams for the roof and it's common with the door/window frames.  Concrete does not allow moisture in and out like cob does, so I would personally avoid incorporating wood frame walls with cob buildings, given the same air flow issue as concrete.  Using the glass bottle technique that is seen in Earthship homes, adds an insulation factor as well as a colorful artistic and unique look.  With cob, you also need to have a support foundation that doesn't allow the cob to touch the earth, for drainage of the water when it rains etc.  Many are using dug trenches around the frame of the cob house, filled with compounded gravel, and then topped with larger stacked stones.  There's of course variances with making a solid foundation.  

I hope this gives you some information to consider.  I did look at the video you linked in your last message.  I don't want the wolves to come huff and puff and blow my house  Thus, is the same reason why I'd never live in a yurt.  I've seen variances of the style house from the video, in places like Bali.
Hi Phoenix.  I love that you are fascinated with so many things, as am I.  Although minus the mechanical work, as I haven't grown a lot of fascination yet with that.  I’ve been writing since my younger years, love the arts, creativity and music.  I won't unravel my life all in the context of this message (or any message), as I prefer to talk over the phone, camera chat, or face to face if local.  I will say that I was interested in possibly building a log cabin, but have since learned about all the eco and self-sustainable options, such as cob.  I have been recently looking at land, and almost finished updating an RV (to sell).  I do apologize, as I am not as comfortable posting my photo(s) here on this site (or most of the internet), due to privacy and how easy it is to have personal photos stolen (already happened to me once).  I am a very open person when getting to know someone on a personal level and in building trust.  I’m not one to hesitate when I intuitively sense it’s a person I don’t need to be guarded with.  I don’t think you’d lack having attraction with me, however I’m a very deep person that feels way beyond the surface, hence need to be moved the same (in order to fall in love).  That’s not to say that falling in love should be hard or take a long time; in fact it should be as natural and easy as taking a breath, yet exhilarating and liberating.  I would love to talk to you further, if you would like to respond here or via private message.  You equally should also know what I look like, so I’d be happy to send a few photos after a dialogue is continued.  Preferably a brief camera chat, so there is no deception in photo(s) vs the real person.  I look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you Thomas.  Message sent to member vs on open forum, to chat further in detail.