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I'm an herbalist and mild asthmatic. Along with mullein you can use lobelia, and coltsfoot in your herbal tea blend. Think also blood circulation so hawthorne and schisandra. And eucalyptus bombs in the shower. A vicks inhaler is wonderful. These are all considered preventives and not to replace your rescue inhaler of course!
3 months ago
Great article! Since I've been visiting a community seed swap for the past 4 years, my thoughts have also turned to saving seeds. I mostly save the one's I couldn't harvest in time, and those great little melons from the farmers market! Yummy!
3 months ago
Ah, I see. Well if I ever get 50 or more friends, I'll buy them all a deck of Permaculture Cards!
I hope Paul and Alexander got something for my purchase of these from Amazon. What a pleasant surprise. These cards are gorgeous and helpful!!
One morning I let the dogs out in our backyard. I then let the chickens out of their coop and went back inside to do something (insert chore of your choice here). When I went back to let the dogs I I saw my Shih Tszu riding on the back of one of the chooks! She held on for a good 20 yards! Alas, she went down before the 8 second bell! Chook and dog both unharmed in the making of this scene.

4 months ago
Hi Jen,
I shared your Kickstarter on my social media, Good luck with the kittens and cobs!
4 months ago
Fire cider is the best thing to promote social distance! It's one of the ways to keep you healthy!!
8 months ago
I make spaetzli with chopped ham in a cheesy white sauce! Mmm
10 months ago
I'm a writer, though not yet an author. There is an argument about who you should write for. Many people write for themselves, if you want a journal then write for yourself. If you want to sell books, write for your audience.

Write, just sit down and write if you want to write a book. Block out time if that works for you, or write when the urge hits you. You can plan your chapters, or write by the seat of your pants (my preferred method). Treat writing like a job, put in the hours and you will see the progress

Do not edit as you write, let it flow freely without critique. When you feel like you're done with your book, or several chapters, then go back and edit. Don't edit too much or too frequently, this can become a way to procrastinate. Let that baby grow and fly.

When you think your book is done, ask some friends or acquaintances to beta read your work. In my experience its better to get the opinions of strangers, family will mostly always love what you write because they love you and while this is a nice ego boost, it ain't sellin' books. I have beta read for authors from Craigslist ads, with the agreement to post an honest review on Amazon. I get the experience of critiquing, free books and writing reviews. Do this enough and you can build a network that will help you back.

Then make corrections based on beta reads, get an editor, you'll probably have to pay for this but it may be worth it. Decide how you will publish. With Amazon, self-publishing is easy. There is software there to load your book and format it for e-publishing and print books. Keep in mind you will have to pay to print publish. And I think it's also worth the cost to buy an ISBN, last time I checked it was around $100 to $250 depending on some options.

All this being said, if anyone wants a beta reader, or an editor let me know, send me a purple moosage and we can work something out.

10 months ago
Hmm, I got here late, but better late than never. I have lived in mobile homes for at least half my life. I currently live in a 1957 Detroiter park model, with my mom. It definitely qualifies as a tiny home. We plan to relocate to the desert SW and buy a new MH. As for safety, I wouldn't live in a MH in a high disaster area like the south or eastern coastal regions or tornado alley. But then, those aren't places I would live anyway. As for economics, the taxes are generally personal property, unless you finance as a land/home package and then you turn that MH into real property and are taxed at a higher rate. But it is still cheaper to live than a stick built of the same square footage. Which means more money to garden and do chicken math!
10 months ago