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Thank you both so much.  
1 year ago
25 beautiful serene and private acres, one of the original homesteads in my part of the mountains, located within a national Forest boundary, it's paradise.

This is my first post on this site so any pointers as to info I should include are welcome.

 I'm looking for the right person, or family unit, to join me here who will love this one of a kind setting as much as I do.  

Multiple home or rv sites, as well as another stick built structure next to the small farmhouse that could easily be an apartment.  Fenced gardens, streams, a fennced pasture, gazebos, and mountain paths abound on the property.  

It's quiet and peaceful here, so if you're the right person you will be as well.  No companion dogs for now near the main homestead since I have older dogs that don't play well with others but if you are a distance away from the house and can pay for fencing to contain your animal then it can be negotiable.  Any farm animals you have or want can be discussed as well.

Expectations, contributions by labor to basic upkeep (mowing the grass...light stuff), as well as what I can contribute to you are fluid.  Everyone's situation is different, this place has its own energy I think and will reach whomever it is that should be here.

This is non-negotiable: I will not allow the hate of discrimination of anyone, regardless of color, religion, sexual orientation, (and the list goes on), to contaminate this paradise.   So if that's in your heart even a little, please just move on.

Although I'm not off-grid now, this was an off grid farm when established in the 1800s so no worries exist here should resources or services be interrupted.  

The perfect match will be a long term situation

Ok, I have fingers crossed that this actually posts.
1 year ago