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Can you expand a little more about what are you looking for?  Is it a male playmate for your boyfriend that does not play with yourself being female?

Please email me at

I am intrigued. I want to live off the grid, and Alaska has been a dream of mine.

BTW I am cute haha
Hi Beau,

I realize this is an older thread but I wanted to respond to it. My name is James and I live in Northern Kentucky. I do corporate HR work and have for the past 15 years and I am over it.

I am 37 and wanting to do the same thing as you are. My family were farmers, and they were poor, essentially living off the grid themselves except the past 50 years.

My goal is to do the same thing as you do, with my two dogs and my cat. I want to live off the grid, sustain myself by living off the land.

I hope all is well and I would love to know how things are going.

I can imagine it gets lonely, but I have stayed single for years.

Hope to hear back from you!