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My mind immediately goes to "schemes for water harvest". Does rain ever fall on your balcony? If so, where? Can you capture it creatively? You mentioned a nearly constant wind from the east. Does this lead to rain falling on the western side of the balcony more often? You might want to make a shaded rock pile to harvest humidity through condensation, which could than run down to the top of the pyramid bed. the less humidity you have, the less well it will work, though.
1 week ago
I have a possible answer to what it was that made your squash so vulnerable. Heat-stress! see what happens if you get 60% shade on your squash and gourds. This youtube video talks about this at about 6:50. Oh, another anecdote I heard is that if you kill the pests yourself, then you send the message that you are the predator, and it resets predator natralization every time you come down hard on the predators' food source. So ignoring the bugs might be a good strategy.
2 weeks ago
Oh, one more thing. Geoff Lawton's advice for when you're on a large-scale, difficult site on broad acreage is to go really small, find something that works, and then extend, adjusting as you go. Might be applicable to your situation.
4 weeks ago I found this tree, and thought of you. Cold and wind hardy. Nitrogen fixer. Good for shelterbelts.
4 weeks ago
One technique that I have found useful is cutting off the branches from the bottom six feet of the trees, and dropping them on the ground. This is simple, easy, and effective for letting sunlight in onto less-shade-tolerant understory plants. Think of it as extending the edge deeper into the forest.
1 month ago
WOW this is so amazing! I need this!
3 months ago
Forgot to mention: Now there are six boys and three girls in our family.
3 months ago
I dug a pond by hand this year, but I don’t have pictures. It’s just uphill from a birch grove that we are converting to a food forest. We will dig another with an excavator. I will try to get pics.
3 months ago

Pearl Sutton wrote:

the mushrooms are patterned in a nice neat diagonal grid that matches my potato planting. Crud. Think I lost those.

    LOL! I’m sorry, but this is hilarious. Are they edible mushrooms?