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Recent posts by coznola carmichael

Hello Tara,  If you're still looking for someone to help with chores around the homestead, I am open to the possibility.    I've been a sort of nomadic traveler for most of the past 9 years but for the last two I've settled here in Asheville NC but beginning August 1st I'm setting off on the road once more.   My goal right now is to move about the four corners of this country and criss/cross many places in between.   I'm hoping to start a homestead myself in the next year or two so stopping a various places along my travels and working and learning in real time will be a value for me.   I'm very reliable and hardworking and would ensure my work and attention would be a value for you and your place as well.   I welcome an opportunity to chat if your still looking for help.

1 year ago
Hello Angelina, thanks for contacting me and thanks for your advise on adding more details to my post, I will take your advise.   I'm looking primarily for a financial partner but also someone that values working together as a team to help make our lives easier and more enjoyable.  Having our own lives but pulling together for a common good sort of thing.   I welcome an opportunity to start having conversations with you in this regard.

I'm Alonzo  
2 years ago
Hello,  any female from the great state of NC interesting in discussing starting a homestead?  I'm in western NC and would enjoy discussing the possibilities with a partner.   Let me know.
3 years ago