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Recent posts by Mika Kumpulainen

Evening everyone, i'm currently in part ways of a project to convert an old tub into a compost worm farm.

Currently i need to order the worms, which are at 0:47, from online somewhere. I'm curious what suggestions people might have on what places there are to order from. Currently I'm in Ontario, Canada.
5 months ago
Hello hello Yuri and everyone. Can't really welcome you back because i'm rather new here myself. While I've put a measure of time into researching in general around permaculture, agriculture or polyculture, i'm relatively starting out with enactuating these things. Life had not been so settled as it is currently for me but I've more than enough information to get started. At the moment i'm putting in the effort to gradually convert my neighbors lawn into different plant species, both edibles across commonly cultivated and eventually wild plants once they get larger to identify, and this is a first kind of project for me. Then aside from that I've collected different wild seeds of berries i plan on cultivating as well in order to plant throughout the wild to boost the overall system. Can say i would appreciate the sentimentd given with such a tool ha. Though not sure i would make as much use of it as some certainly would.
6 months ago
Thank you so much for this. It has details I've been scouring the internet for. I've put a lot of time into research and videos but I'm rather new to this far as actually doing something, this year is surely the time to get to it. Just imagining what picturesque view the world would be if people had already if not for decades now grown and tended to their lawns instead of constantly wasting resources keeping down a grass desert. :\

Also I have shared around this website so the traffic should increase. Along with Geoff Lawtons permaculturenews.org stuff. Got to get this ball rolling.