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Recent posts by Rory Malloy

well that went sideways quickly, what was a verbal agreement turned into well now there is other people looking and making offers.

color me defeated

anyone with land for a hard working family please let me know
2 years ago
I'm honestly looking to long term lease and eventually buy the property maybe even the neighboring property too.. I dont believe the landowner is ready to sell yet and I'm not quite ready to buy.  
Just nervous this has been our dream for many years and don't want to mess it up.

I would also hate to put years worth if effort only to lose it in the end.
2 years ago

s. lowe wrote:You can find agricultural lease templates on line. Those are what I have used and they a good idea what to figure out and have space to customize them to your needs

Cool ill take a look.
2 years ago
Greg we have not seen it in person yet. But have looked at satellite photos and tax maps. You are correct the majority of it is steep and heavily wooded.

But there is a large piece of pasture land that has been organically farmed for many years.  
We are in South Florida right now and here until August we will be heading up there then.  

2 years ago
OK so I believe i have found my land 20+ acres above asheville.
It's an old farmstead I will be leasing for now looking for advice on how to lease farmland in NC. I'm only familiar with residential home leases.
Is there anything different I should do?

There is about 8 acres of pasture ther rest of the land is open to do with as i want..  where do I start?  
I will be relocating there in August so I have some time to plan..

Looking to network in the area.
We raise rabbits, quail, and poultry

2 years ago
Wow thank you for the advice!
I will do that asap.

3 years ago
Hello all
Myself and my family have finally decided to pull the trigger on a move to NC.
we left NJ 6 years ago to move to FL and have been pretty much displaced ever since.
we are currently in Homestead FL on 1/4 Acre have just discovered that poultry of any kind is not allowed here(have chickens listed on our lease), even though every other house in the neighborhood has chickens we just happen to live next door to "that guy" .
We should have moved to NC years ago as that was our original plan but we went to FL as we had some family there to help us along.

We raise Chickens, Quail and Rabbits we garden as extensively as our property allows.
Would like to start meeting like minded people in the Asheville and surrounding area.
Our lease is up here in August and we are trying like mad to find a place within an hour of Asheville for work purposes. Career Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Manager.
We have 3 young children 6,5,3
and are looking for rentals or rent to own properties if anyone has any leads. we are poised to buy if the shoe fits however would like to spend some time there before purchasing.

Thanks for your time
Looking forward to Interacting with the community here..

3 years ago