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Recent posts by Andrew Sackville-West

Oof, Mat. that's rough. Take care and feel better soon!
2 years ago

You and Jeremy England must be smoking the same stuff 😁


Jan, thanks for the link! It's entirely likely that I read about this back then (article is from 2014) and internalized it. It's been bouncing around in my head for a while, and just makes sense. Of course, with physics, making sense is not a good metric... so I've always left it as a shower thought. But, it's nice to see I retained something with some reasonable accuracy!
2 years ago

I doubt anyone will actually read all of this.

I read it! But, I doubt I'll get to commenting meaningfully as you're writing more than I can digest at the moment.

Suffice it to say, your thoughts are compelling, and you're not alone in some of these existential struggles.

To me, death is just the natural degeneration of a wildly complex chemical reaction that eventually runs out of inputs and buffers needed to perpetuate itself. It is no more or less meaningful than that. Life has no purpose or goal, as far as I can tell -- even the "purpose" of reproduction is vacuous at best -- saying we exist to replicate our DNA is circular. I've come to the conclusion (not based on any study on my part, just stoned shower thoughts...) that we are, essentially, a reaction to incoming energy from the sun. As materials absorb energy, they have to "handle" that energy somehow. One solution is to use that energy to build more complex structures, and once you start down that road, you can eventually end up at "life". With no purpose in life, might as well enjoy what you can without unduly making things worse for others. At least, that's my current philosophy. It's probably pretty naive.

I'm looking forward to these Hadza videos. Thanks for linking to them. And thanks for your continued updates. I'm getting value from them.

Have a great day!
2 years ago
Just catching up after a couple weeks spent dealing with a loss in the family. Love the updates. Very cool to see the effectiveness of vinegar on the poison oak. We, so far, seem to be free of it. And a neighbor says she only sees it at higher altitudes than us (we're at 250 feet...).

We're still not on our property full time, and won't be for a couple of years, probably. So, I've been waiting to do any kinds of planting, since we're not going to be there to care for any of it. But... seeing your seedballs and the mix you're using, maybe this fall I'll do something like that in a few areas where we've disturbed the soil. You've got me thinking.
2 years ago
Just got caught up with your posts. Good stuff Mat!

Also, what a lucky find, that estate sale. And lol at the hookah ;)

Can you elaborate on how you're raising azolla/duckweed? What's the source of nutrient in the water?

I think if you put basically any kind of thing around the aerator, like a tube of window screen or even hardware cloth -- just something to help keep the disturbance localized, that might help. Also, you can get air tube metering devices for cheeeeaaap at the aquarium store. Or heck, even the right binder clip to restrict air flow might help.

Your rooster is very handsome.

2 years ago
Hi Mat! Glad to read an update, and sorry to hear about your struggles. I can sympathize -- I'm only now, at age 51, starting to realize the extent to which I'm probably ADHD, anxious and depressed. Sigh... gonna be a lot of work, I think. But, gaining understanding of your conditions has got to be a crucial step towards building a happy life, right?

Dried favas -- how do you prepare them? I've long enjoyed having a simple middle-eastern bean dish, ful medames, for breakfast, though I rarely actually bother to do it. It's so good, keeps well in the fridge, and is easy to prepare, once the beans are cooked. Garnish with the fresh veg of the season, and it's a winner. Maybe I need to get off my butt and make some...

Your too damn big kale looks awesome!

Loving the ongoing story of your efforts, and I appreciate whatever updates you have capacity to provide. Stay cool in this heat wave.
2 years ago
Hope you're doing well Mathew.

Our famous local strawberry variety. Counted about 40 berries between 2 plants at last count

What is this amazing local variety?
2 years ago
Congrats on the possible gig! I enjoy your writing. Hopefully, they will too!

Everything looks gorgeous. I'm so jealous of the time you have to invest in this, while fully understanding it's probably stressful and scary for you to be making a go of it like this -- planning to live only off your own produce.

I am soaking up all your lessons, hopefully .

I appreciate the content you're producing, but also think you have to focus on yourself first. If that means no video, so be it, I'll still come read your updates.
2 years ago

Mathew Trotter wrote:Baby potatoes. That is all.

2 years ago