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Recent posts by Phil Berg

I agree with Phil Stevens, wild raspberries are to me the best find
5 months ago

lesley verbrugge wrote:Lovely video!  

Reminds me of an article I read about a guy who hadn't watered his bottle garden in many years: here's the article

I have a french bonbonniere up in the attic, you inspire me to find it and plant it!

I thought about sealing it all the way but I really wanted the plants to grow out of the demijohn. I imagined them growing out of the jar and far up into some pole or something. And so far I have not watered it yet and I am about 60 days into the project. Sooner or later I going to need to water it since it is not sealed.
Thank you for your reply and I am glad I inspired you to begin a new project of yours =)
5 months ago
Video link:

I always wondered what would happen if I put in a bunch of different seeds within my 75L Demijohn jar and so I tried.
As a few of you know, I really enjoy filmmaking and so I thought it would be an interesting project to share.
I will leave updates in the future as well!
Have a great weekend everyone
5 months ago
I enjoy TED talks so much.

She brings up a fair point, that if the next generation does not know how the plants, they might not care for it in the future.
From time to time you can hear examples of how children do not know that vegetables come from the ground, but rather think they just come from the stores directly. Thi raises my eyebrows atleast.
Good and interesting video!
5 months ago

Skandi Rogers wrote:Yes, tomatoes will root all along the stem that one just thinks the conditions are right for some more roots.

Oh, I was not aware of this. Looked so extraterrestrial to me at first when it started growing.
Thanks for your answers

Ralph Sluder wrote:Tomato plant grown in a small jar, I love it.
Just more proof, you can SCIENCE anything!.

I love making smaller experiments of my own. Just fun to see how it evolves with time. Plants always find a way to surprise me somehow...
5 months ago

I am quite new here. Been reading a lot of threads but never posted anything.
Here is my first contribution with a question.

I wanted to see what would happen if I put a tomato plant inside a sealed jar and just left if there.
Now it has started to grow roots directly out of the stem.

What is the reason/how can it happen?
Does it have to do with the high level of humidity inside the jar?
5 months ago

My name is Phil.

I just joined the adulthood by starting my fulltime job (after 6 years of study!) just a few months ago.
And so when I come home I often find myself doodling with my plants as a stress relief.

I live in an apartment with not so many windows so I am a bit limited to sun exposure.
I enjoy film making and most of my post will probably be about videos regarding my plants.

Have a good week and I will see you soon =)
5 months ago