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Recent posts by Jt Glickman

We use the chicken tractors in this video:

They work great! We just used cedar instead of pressure treated lumber and installed some roll away nest boxes so we don't have to actually enter the coop
6 hours ago
We have a lot of loose dogs in our neighborhood as well. They are a royal pain, but we fixed the problem with a 5 strand electric fence around our perimeter. It works well because it keeps our German Shepherd on our property, and she along with the fence keeps all other dogs out. It allows us to be responsible dog owners, I really wish everyone in the country had the mindset to keep control of their dogs.
2 weeks ago
I know you might not have time for daily moves, but you could start by putting a single wire to split each of your fields in half, and move them into the next paddock when they have eaten down the one they are in.
Would be cheaper and maybe less of a headache than buying a manure spreader...just a thought
3 weeks ago

Sheri Rasko wrote:Instead of using bleach could I use vinegar?

I've recently heard that hydrogen peroxide is another alternative
1 month ago
Glad your calf is doing well despite the circumstances.
Our dexter just calved as well!
A little bull calf, we use the mom for a milk cow, so we are excited to have fresh milk again.
1 month ago
I would recommend loose minerals offered free choice instead of a block....they just don’t get enough minerals through the block....
1 month ago
Thanks for sharing, I have been wanting to give biochar a try, sounds like a good way to get into it! How deep did you dig the hole?
2 months ago
That is a good idea, I was wondering if shading that area would be enough, sounds like it might be worth a try
2 months ago
That makes sense, we are going for apples, peaches and nectarines
2 months ago
Hello everyone, we are in the process of planning a little orchard
We will be doing about 3 apple trees, a peach and a nectarine. However, the best location is on a southern slope, so the soil will warm up earlier in the spring causing the tree to bloom early and be more susceptible to a late frost :/
I am in western KY (7a) so our winters aren't too extreme but it is pretty common for us to have an oddball late frost.
Any thoughts on whether this is a big enough concern to find a new location or if there is anything I could do to mitigate? Thanks
2 months ago