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Deej Glynn

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since May 28, 2020
Permie Newbie. Potential downshifter.
Lakes Region, NH
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Oooh, Karl- figs in RI?  Count me in!  Thanks, guys.
7 months ago
You do sound smart, Tim!  I’ve got plenty of room to experiment and room for pots.  There are existing beds near the house large enough for perennials.   I can get some things started there.  I bet the previous owners had stuff planted that we don’t even know about yet.   Thanks!
7 months ago
That’s great advice, Karl.  I’m a do it right or don’t do it at all kind.  I have some pots we can use for immediate use close to the house and figure out the rest.  We are in for the long haul here. Thanks so much
7 months ago
@Tyler priority 1- set up the compost!  So much to do but it’s exciting.
7 months ago
Karl, thank you for the thoughtful reply.   And it came at the perfect time...pulling hair out reading conflicting info.     I definitely don’t want to rock the boat.  I want a legume based cover crop but not the fungus, want the wood chips, but not the voles.  I think your approach is best and gives me a plan of attack.  The bushes have produced according to the former owner with just fertilizer, no pruning.  There is some dead growth, and lots of grass turned weedy meadow around the bushes making them tough to access.  But they are blooming.  And there is plenty of room to try what you’re saying, 7 rows of 13.  There are voles on the property and moles in the blueberry patch.  

Thanks, and always nice to hear from a fellow New Englander.  We are not moving far, but relocating from Boston to the Lake Region is like a whole new world!


Photo taken yesterday
7 months ago
Fantastic, thank you.  I’ll look right now and start planning the mulch.   Good luck with your bushes!
7 months ago
That’s so great, thank you.  Yes, we quickly discovered that it was too cold to plant outside up until about 5 days ago, but yesterday was 90 degrees!  We’ll need the heat... and the hugel.  I just went out to till a little and very quickly changed my mind!  Thank you.
7 months ago
Hello all, newbie looking for suggestions for recently acquired blueberry bushes.... lots of them!  From what I understand these bushes have been relatively productive.  Some need some TLC for sure.   We’d like to live a permie life starting with the blueberries as they need the most attention.  So far as I can tell they were planted traditionally in neat rows.  Former owner would use a 10-10-10 fertilizer.  They’re adjacent to 30+ conifers.   Various weeds and grass are quickly taking over, and found some mole mounds yesterday.  

Salvaging these are the priority...making them more permaculture friendly is the goal.  I know I need cover crop like clover, but now sure what else, if anything, should surround the bushes.  I understand the guild concept but am afraid I’ll crowd the bushes.

Season 1 Goals:
Cover crop?
Moles?  (Calling all owls!)
Other plants?

Would love any and all ideas to ponder and experiment.  

In the mean time, hope everyone is healthy & productive!

Deej (NH 5a)
7 months ago
Deborah, this thread is very helpful.  I know I’m late to the discussion but if anyone sees this, wondering if there are any updates?  I’m considering clover as I tackle an existing blueberry field, 75+ bushes surrounded by grass and weeds needing some TLC.

Suggestions welcome, starting from scratch.  

Hope you’ve made some progress, Deborah!

Deej (NH 5a)
8 months ago
Hello all, happy to be here!   Planning our recently acquired 4 or so acres in beautiful central NH Lakes Region.  Don’t know what we have to work with yet as the weeds begin to sprout.  Counting 75+ existing blueberry bushes, 30+ Christmas trees, a partially cleared lot, plenty of room for food forest, lots of weeds....and moles 😳!

Forgive me as we are new to this, both in posting to the forum and the adventure.  We’d love suggestions on where to begin, specifically concerned with salvaging the blueberry crop... thinking crop cover like clover?  Now it just looks like weeds and grass between the bushes.  Guessing the soil is fairly acidic due to the conifers but plan on testing.

Not sure where else to post about next steps.   The cleared lot was originally 30x60.  Some is now grown in with grass/weeds which is where something like keyhole gardens or fruit trees may find homes.   Really want to use what is still cleared  but no way can I tackle that in a single season.... a tilling I must go, maybe just some sunflowers to start or 3 sisters if I’m lucky.  There are smaller areas closer to the house (zone 1, right?!) where we are putting herbs, kitchen veggies.

Hope everyone is safe, healthy, productive!

Also hope it’s ok to attach a pic.... essentially a clean slate so far as we can tell
8 months ago