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since Jun 18, 2020
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A mini terrace garden. The birds drop by occasionally.
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Recent posts by Lola Yemisi

I wonder if this works for tropical almonds.

How long do almonds take to give fruits from planting?
1 month ago
Just yesterday I turned a long dress into a jumpsuit. I've always mended clothes. From school days I always had clothes that didn't quite fit so I got in the habit. I have made some tops, skirts and dresses and even purses from just needle and thread.
2 months ago
Thanks for posting this. I have experience homesteading and living off grid in half a plot within a semi urban town on the outskirts of the city. I have been able to set up an urban homestead within a conventional 2 bedroom building. I installed solar systems and generate biomass and source wood for cooking. I have skills such as sun drying fruits, making soya milk, gardening, composting and rainwater harvesting.
I am fit and athletic, don't smoke or use drugs. I can share pictures of my current set up if you want.
I have worked as a teacher and researcher in areas like plastic recycling and food processing.

Interested in finding a male partner or a community of homesteaders to join
2 months ago

Looking for the same. I have sent you a message

7 months ago have that cuuuute dog!
3 years ago
Vegetables with purple blooms
3 years ago
Hi I just came across this thread. Very lovely. Do you still use the dome earth house?
3 years ago
I try to reuse as much of the plastic I use and the ones I find from my neighbors as possible.

I use them to grow plants. Recently grew corn to harvest in a stack of plastic bottles.
3 years ago