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Eliot Mason wrote:yeah, the electric company and the county inspectors don't  want to deal with you.  In my area the power company straight up WONT deal with anyone but a licensed electrician.  The county inspectors on the other hand have been very helpful - but I've certainly had some who seem to feel their role is to beat up homeowners enough that they won't ever change a cover plate again.

You may be able to find a "consulting" electrician who will tell you what you need and then look over it when you're done.  My electrician does that on some of my projects.

The trick is just in all the little details.  Its easy enough to get a box of the right type and size, get some wire and have fun.  But it always seems like some stupid thing that causes a fire ... and yeah, I know this from experience of being stupid. But really ... get the wrong kind of wire rating and the linemen may refuse to hook you up.  Fail to tighten a screw enough. And the NEC isn't exactly light reading either.   I'm all in for running circuits from an existing box and even adding a sub-panel by myself - but connecting to a transformer is something of a different beast.

BTW, I'm surprised that they want you to run wire to a transformer.  It seems like everywhere I've been the meter is the magic dividing line... they take care of everything up to the meter, the rest is your problem. Maybe that's changed.

Personally, I'd punt to an electrician.  Please take that as the challenge you need to do it by yourself, correctly, and then come back and tell me about it : )

Thanks, you need not challenge me, I WILL do it myself, I dont pay anyone for much of anything cause I always end up disappointed with something in the end. I understand that makes me sound like someone that just cant be pleased but there is more too it than that not worth getting into here.

Im also surprised they want me to run the wire to transformer, complete B.S in my opinion considering what Im paying the power company to do their work. Cant change that though.
3 weeks ago

John F Dean wrote:Have you asked the electric company?

Absolutely and useless. They didnt even care enough not to run over some of my Holly trees with their equipment
3 weeks ago
Might be worng place to ask but worth a shot. I cant guess on these things, they have to pass an inspection and I dont want to make a career out of this.

I have had the local electric company run the cable underground and install the transformer box, now its up to me to install a meter can, fuse panel and run the wire over to the transformer.

Electric company will make the connections to transformer.

Ive contacted the local county to get the requirements and ask for assistance, they have basically told me they are not gonna offer this and I should purchase/study the NEC.

Im not planning to be a career electrician and as far as I know codes can still vary greatly depending on location.

Can anyone offer any insight of where I mind find the information I need to get the correct materials I need and run whats needed to pass code? I believe they are only giving me a 60 amp service at this point, its only an ag well.
3 weeks ago
This morning I noticed my peach trees flowering, these are the trees waay out of their fruiting zone. I still have them in pots and planned to ground them this weekend.

If the tree flowers does that mean a fruit is next? Im wondering why they would even be flowering this time of year with the cooler weather approaching?

Maybe it would be a good idea to remove the flowers? Is this what pinching off means?
3 weeks ago

bruce Fine wrote:just wondering--do you need a license or permit to keep bees in Marion county?
when I moved I contacted the state about what I would have to do to take my bees across state line and that's where you need a license and hives have be inspected by FDOA. and turns out Georgia has built a bee firewall and its very difficult, expensive and nearly impossible for a hobbiest bee keeper to transport bees out of Florida.

4 weeks ago
Im seriously considering getting my license, sometime in the future, anyone here at all interested in this? I know nothing about bees but like honey and I like that they help pollinate things.

Any tips/facts would be appreciated
4 weeks ago

bruce Fine wrote:certain thing naturally grow well in certain places. theres a reason why for example cherries do well in places like Washington and Michigan and apples also grow well in the north and almonds in California and peaches in Georgia and South Carolina and citrus in Florida, high bush blueberries in New Jersey and the latest rabbit eye varieties not far from you in huge plantings in places like floral city

Citrus and muscadine grapes seem to be truly reliable here. Citrus is in big trouble though. Thanks
4 weeks ago
Very helpful and thanks
4 weeks ago