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Recent posts by Jason Walter

Ed Lewis wrote:

Jason Walter wrote:How may we contact you for the trees?

Hi Jason, you can contact me through enjoy-the-farm.com.

Take care,


I could not find a contact number but assume I sent a message to you through your website.

I also sent you a p.m thru this site.

Im looking for a phone number that I may call and speak with someone. Thanks
6 months ago
How may we contact you for the trees?
6 months ago

Marc Dube wrote:I use fresh horse manure as a mulch/ fertilizer for all of my fruit trees, I pile a nice amount around the base and for me it seems to last 2 years before needing a top up.

I like this idea because my property is within the self proclaimed horse capital of the world so I could prob get all I want but I have been told horse manure no good and cow manure much better ( as long as they arent eating arsenic tainted grasses ) Cow better cause of multiple stomachs that filter out bad stuff?

Anyway thanks for adding to this
6 months ago
Cliff from Englands orchard nursery sells che plants. I have purchased 4 of them from him.
He did not sell me the 2 that are suffering now.
He explained that the mulch is sucking the nitrogen into itself and so now the plant is starving for the same.
I believe this.
Im gonna start or have started to collect my own urine.
Ive read alot about this online. Supposed to be the next best thing to sliced bread as an organic fertilizer for your plants.
Many other countries are and have been experimenting/ using it for years with super positive results.
Cant remember the name but we here in the u.s are buying bags of it as an organic supplement.
Large scale farmers here in u.s are using it evidently as well.
Anyway I have seen already firsthand positive results on some bamboo I planted years ago
6 months ago

Leigh Tate wrote:You need to add a source of nitrogen such as compost, well-rotted manure, fish emulsion. Some people add fresh grass clippings or coffee grounds, but I'd research these before adding, to make sure you get the best amount for your particular plant. Too much fresh nitrogen can be a problem too. The other option would be slower, but to plant a ground cover around the tree such as clover.

Thanks yes ive seen these suggestions but I see nothing about quantities for a single plant. The bag direction might as well be in french
6 months ago

Leigh Tate wrote:Jason, can you get your hands on some compost? That would be my preference if it was me. The cow manure would have to be well aged and not fresh. The yellow leaves seem to speak of nitrogen deficiency.

It is planted in compost, how would I fix a nitrogen deficiency? Thank-you
6 months ago
This che plant is prob starving. Its planted in 50/50 mix of well composted wood chips and native sand.

Contacted seller and hes telling me to flood the plant with water and then add a 141414 fertilizer.

I don't want to put this stuff on any of my plants so what would work and please keep in mind these are not cheap plants that can be easily replaced.

Im hoping that maybe topping the plant with cow manure might help?

I know nothing about organic fertlizers.

Thank you
6 months ago
She is in the hospital tonight and I dont know how long she will be there, they dont know whats wrong yet, might be lung cancer, might be tuberculosis might be something else, she dosent deserve to be there, she is a phillipino, she has never hurt anyone in her life, very gentle and timid unlike myself.

I dont care what religion you are, please pray for a speedy recovery for Mary Jane Anderson. Thank-you
9 months ago

Brian Maverick wrote:

Jason Walter wrote:I needed some parts to repair a finish mower I plan to use behind my tractor. Looking online I found some parts I needed on this site ( thru a google pop up deal ) and the prices were 1/4 what everyone else was wanting.
I did not look into them at all before purchasing cause I paid via paypal so as far as I know I cant get screwed.

I never received a confirmation e-mail from them of my order although it said I would get one when I placed the order.

Doing a google search of reviews I see nothing about nothing about them.

I need the parts but am in no rush so if its coming from china and Ill see it in 60 days thats almost fine.

If Im never gonna see the parts Id like to move on and purchase them thru e-bay like everything else I buy.


Looks like it was a SCAM site.  It's no longer on the web.

Thankfully paypal refunded me. Paypal is not what it used to be. They made it very difficult/frustrating. Ive got to now stop using paypal
10 months ago