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Recent posts by Dominic Jones

wouldn't recommend in Spain, the permits are ridiculously expensive, there's too much bureaucracy stopping people from living free.  
2 months ago

Peter van Zon wrote:Well. If you really want to chop wood for 9 of 12 months, Bulgaria is great.

I was there in 2009, looked at some properties, but met quite some con men.

Would advise you to look at diggers and dreamers (there is a couple on there living in Bulgaria), or Kathy in Voditsa if she is still around.

Houses, there is a website called "cheap bulgarian house" which looks like the only reputable real estate agent I have found (avoid Bulgarianproperties and ebay)

Would be good to check out the mybulgaria forum, outdated, but it can prepare you

Also there might be some interesting people/hosts on workaway and helpx

Good luck!

Hello there Peter,

Thanks for offering your advice.  Yes I am very worried about the con men there.  Also Bulgarian properties was the site i was using the most, thanks for the heads up.

Do you have a homestead?  Any advice for where to get myself set up?  As I said, looking for a place that isn't heavily controlled by the govt.

2 months ago

Hugo Morvan wrote:Hi Dominic, there was this topic a while ago. permies bulgaria
And i believe there have been more about Bulgaria in previous times if i remember right.
Use the search bar to find topics and if you find someone of special interest, you can try to send them a purple moosage. Then they'll recieve an email that there is a purple moosage on Permies for them.

Hey Hugo,

I just checked the link and I had already seen that thread a month ago or so.  I got in contact with one of the posters (Nick) but never heard back unfortunately.  


2 months ago
Hello Hugo,

Thank you so much for your reply.  It was getting lonely!  I was hoping for some fresh perspectives and replies in my post, but I will follow your advice anyway.

Be well.
2 months ago
Hello Everyone,

To be very succinct and to get the ball of conversation rolling, I want to relocate to Bulgaria (or a place similar to it in Europe in terms of LESS governmental control).

I'm looking to start a homestead there - lifetime dream of mine.  I feel like time for getting this started is running out, if it hasn't already.

To those that are already established there, can you please give him hints, tips and tricks as to who I should be looking to buy property from and where?  Or even if you've got room for an extra person to help around your place until I'm up and running, this would be great.

When I say where, I would like to be close to an expat community from UK or other English speaking countries.  Alternatively, near the border of Greece.  I speak multiple languages.

I need help to get this going ASAP so please I welcome any and all information regarding this.

Thank you in advance.
2 months ago
Hey I'm interested in your land, have you managed to sell it yet?  How can I privately message you?
Hey Yen Yus are you still active here?
5 months ago