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Scott Graves

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since Oct 29, 2020
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Orlando, FL, Zone 9b, 28N Latitude
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I'm down in Dr Phillips/SW Orlando, and am toying with permie ideas- very new to it all and working with an suburban yard.  good stuff all around.  hope you've settled in well.
hiya jen,

for me it the cause was calf tightness. the big shift/change in behaviour was sitting in a chair with my heels beneath my hips for a full shift, for many months.  it was like i wore high heels or so for a while each day.  stretched the heck of them for 10 min a day at lunchtime to fix it.  

the pain started with a 'potato chip crunch' feel under one of my heels- just slight for a while, which i ignorantly (is that word) plowed through.  a few hundred miles later, no longer able to keep going, i got some basic treatment...

it's been two weeks or so since your post- you any better?  was your pain proceeded by any change in activity?

1 year ago
Very new to this.  I've cypress mulch under a lime tree in Central Flordia, and am thinking ahead.  Now that I'm a bit more knowledgeable, I'm not really sure if it breaks down at all or if the soil biology in my yard knows what to do with it.  It's about a foot off the base of the 1" thick sapling, and about 3" deep.  Do ya top dress on top of it annually to get it to break down, or rake it off, topdress with compost/manure, then place it back?  When I get a chipper, I'll make my own mulch from neighbor yard waste.  Currently, I'm making compost pretty steadily, and about to make an anaerobic compost tea (barrel/weeds/water,) and have the stock ready for ~26 gallons of soil bacteria juice (rice water/milk/molasses).  Def would appreciate the perspective about cypress mulch from others as my pre-permi self thought "it was good idea at the time."
1 year ago
Afternoon Jack,
I'm down by Universal/Disney and am giving it a go in the backyard for the first time.  If you ever want to knock some ideas around, def message me.  

We started off just trying to keep a tomato and bell pepper alive for my son's college course, then worked on cocktail garnish (mint), ginger for syrups, threw the pineapple tops in the ground after making tiki drinks...  Now it's bag growing seeds saved from my son's first tomato, mustard, eggplants, and got sheet-mulched tomatillos, poblano, and jalapenos in the ground.  Lowe's banana and guava trees, Publix papayas, Etsy chaya and wild flowers, Beautiful Bamboo's stuff are out there too.  Can't bare to schwak the huge lemongrass for the teas we intended to make (a great buy at Lukas Nursery).  Now I'm 'inheriting' sick plants from neighbors- God knows how that avocado and mango snapped back.  At some point, permaculture came into the mix (in come the clover, sun hemp, and perenial peanut).  
Discovered gardener's/tennis elbow along the way digging it all in  Gotta figure out how to balance that out too.

It's been a wild ride and a lot of fun, relaxation, solace, and source of conversation with the neighbors.  Best of luck to you.  
1 year ago