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A graduate scientist turned automotive engineer, currently running a small shop and growing plants on Skye: turning a sheep field into a food forest.
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Isle of Skye, Scotland. Nearly 70 inches rain a year
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Bonnie Kuhlman,
I have merged your topic into this topic. I hope that helps.
11 hours ago
I merged your stuff with the following thread. I hope that is okay by you.
11 hours ago
Bonnie Kuhlman,
Your post was moved to a new topic.
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11 hours ago
This thread is really useful!
Here's Bethany's salve:
comfrey salve for sprains and bruises
Handcrafted Comfrey Salve
11 hours ago
I must admit I tend to squish them too - between two rocks, I'm not as organised as Pearl, and usually have plenty of stones. I know there are plenty more where they came from, so probably I should just chill and let be.
Usually when I find ticks they are latched onto the dogs - I also like the Twister tool like Mike uses. If they are engaged then anything that is likely to cause them to react might increase the chance of infection, by regurgitation or the head breaking off as they increase their grip when aggravated. This goes for alcohol swabs too. We have a little tick card that fits in your wallet that just flicks them off - OK for people without too much hair, not so good for pets. Serene showed how to make one here
12 hours ago
I've had 3 so far this year: a jumper (woolly cardigan) and some welly boots were presents. I love the jumper, but the wellies have already failed in 2 months . I also bought myself some new undies (which they don't count) and a long sleeved t-shirt, from the only company I've fond that actually does make 100% organic cotton clothes: excema clothing The rest seem to add 5% plastic to the cotton and it fails so quickly. So far I've been very happy with my new knickers, although they are expensive.
I do need a couple of pairs of shoes. Obviously my wellies are not up to my 1 mile commute to my shop. The dog ate my last pair of 'going out' shoes too, so I have nothing to wear to a restaurant except some old deckshoes which are too big for me and not very smart. I'm thinking of getting some more clogs. My first pair were gorgeous, but don't fit very well (hence the commute by welly), and have also been chewed a little by dog . I do like the thought that they can just be composted at end of their life. The other thing I was thinking was to have a go at making my own boots from some old wellies (I seem to have quite a collection failed in different ways!) for the soles, and the felted socks (or possibly sweaters too) that I also seem to have achieved. These boots are gorgeous and I'd love to have a go!
13 hours ago

Is there a topic here for that? I am better at reading land than websites. lol

As it happens we do have a forum for that, called (appropriately enough) blatant advertising
From the links there: concise guide to protoing your stuff on Permies

See also advertising on how to use the tiny ads for promotion.

I suggest making lots of awesome, helpful posts to build your reputation here, see reputation on why!

The tinkering with this site forum is the best place to ask about site navigation, posting pictures videos that sort of thing....
I hope this helps.
14 hours ago
Well, fingers crossed it survives now.
We may have some threads about protecting young trees from humans....maybe in urban or tips for awkward spots. I seem to remember having lots of shrubs and perennials growing up around them to disguise the trees worked well in some plantings in a park in England, UK. You say it is an abandoned patch... brambles make a good prickly disguise, or raspberries.....maybe there is a need for a new guild design? - nettles are stingy and nutritious, foxgloves are poisonous so might deter nibblers with four feet.
14 hours ago
I'm sorry you got no reply before David. In case anyone else wondered I found this:

Leaves are semi-evergreen in warm winter climates, but will typically disappear in cool to cold winter climates as soon as fall temperatures dip below 25°F

So the answer will depend on your climate range. If you are colder than zone 6, then I guess this allium is likely to die back in winter.
1 day ago