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E True

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since Jan 24, 2021
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Recent posts by E True

Does anyone know of anything like this is building here in Maine? Looking to get out of dodge and wanting a community based eco-village to be part of. Hopefully, there will be some crazy, like-minded souls out there!
6 months ago

Joel Henderson wrote:I'd LOVE to hear any updates from the folks in Maine - any luck with earthbag building so far?

I’m in Maine and looking to buy property soon. I’ve been interested in earthbag building for many years and have a pretty good understanding of it all. Owen Geiger has been my go to and I purchased his dvd which is informative. I’d like to get a team of people together who are interested in this technique-earthbag-cobb etc. and start learning what works and what doesn’t in our area. Hoping for feedback from natural builders-those wanting to learn.
1 year ago