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Recent posts by Jennifer Sooke

"Fish-on-a-bush" lol
I just ordered 5 plants from
They'll arrive for Born-day moon-th.

Currently I have black current, gooseberry, hascap, blueberry

2 months ago
The Funeral ~ Band of Horses

"To know you is hard"

My daughter & I have never really had a good relationship. 3yrs ago she cut me out of her Life completely, I don't even know where she lives so I quit mailing Born-day+Xmas gifts.

When we were communicating it was hard; I love her so much so I allowed the toxicity.
To know her was hard.
2 months ago
Nov.1st is open & they sell out fast.

I just bought Seabuck Thorn & a dwarf cherry tree.
3 months ago
What attracts me are a Man's pheromones; if the smell isn't 'right', I can't go there.
The visual is clean-cut.
* Haircut so I can see your ears + neck
* If there must be facial hair, then trim + tidy
* Natural fragrances only - laundry soap, soap/shampoo, deodorant etc.
* Shower 1x/day, fresh clothes.
°•°•If we're intimate:
* Shower at end of day (if you bathe, shower off after)
* Clean sheets every week
* 'Manscaped'
* No pets in/on bed
3 months ago
I don't know what that is (badges).
I took video b/c of the beautiful, bubbling orange color.
When I was harvesting, a lady walked by & said 'Ah the rosehips; I use to make jelly.....sunshine-in-a-jar"
3 months ago
I must stay in 🇨🇦.
I really like S. Vancouver Island out of all the provinces I've lived in (originally a flatlander/prairies).
I need to be able to visit the ocean.

Minimum 1 acre, maximum 20 acres b/c I don't know how to protect my land from trespassing.

Away from cell towers.
No wifi.
A stream or creek running through.
3 months ago
From Rebecca O'Reilly ~ Rosehips are high in Vit C, most easy to assimilate, helps transfer Vit C from other foods into a more usable form & helps break up toxins+eliminate the jelly-like film (that can remain stuck in the intestines).
This is my 2nd attempt/batch.
I had no idea there was pectin=thick/messiness LOL

3 months ago
Contour, swales, pond, nut trees, fruit trees & berries.
Food & medicine foraging.
'Let's just live in a more meaningful, connected way'

I'll update once I have the land.
3 months ago
Your a Real Man
"How to know when it's love
How to stay when it's tough
How to know you're messin' up a good thing
And how to fix it 'fore it's too late
And yeah, I know a boy
Who gave up and got it wrong
If you really love a woman, you don't let her go
Yeah, I know a few things a man oughta know"
~ Lainey Wilson Things A Man Oughta Know
3 months ago