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Professor, photographer and author. I strive to simplify my world - and to live in sync with nature.
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Recent posts by Christy Schmidt

Bird in the High Castle. That's funny!

We need a good Phil K. Dick inspired movie. That does not get all weird just to bring Harrison Ford back to the screen.

I'm so jealous! What a great day you had! I want to make tinctures and bread, too!
That storm picture is brilliant! Composition, lighting - very nice!

The course sounds really interesting and I can't wait to hear about it and witness how you apply the information to make our planet a better place! Permies inspires me to not keep waiting for Dr. Who!!!
Oh my...I'm a permie and had no idea. It's like discovering your DNA components. Or that you secretly love opera.

I remember my neighbor coming to reap my hay field - and I stopped him for a day to collect the wild herbs and barley in the field. He told me it was all weeds. But no, my fine Sir, you are mistaken - and I proceeded to collect items in my basket blocking his thatching machine with a talk to the hand gesture.

Lots of purslane that day.

My gardens have always been "wild" and I instinctively use pairings to invite bees and stones to invite snakes. I thought it was some genetics inherited from my farmer great-grandfather.

And son and your fellow Boot, has inherited my proclivities.

Is it wrong I get aroused (intellectually) by herb or tree catalogues?
1 year ago

Kyle Noe wrote:Hi Linda, thanks for checking this out. The days feel long but are easy at the same time.

The views are incredible, the pictures don't do them justice, and I wish I could get a picture of the stars at night, but my camera phone isn't sensitive enough.

I'm doing a post everyday, trying to keep it interesting.

Let me know what you think.

You can always invite your photographer mother and her awesome camera skill to visit and capture galaxy shots....

Lantern rocks! Right?!?!? And nice work on the door.

I am particularly enjoying the permies newsletter. So thanks for that! I sent the link to bee keeper friends - and I think a few other people are going to sign up to watch your adventure - and benefit from the site. One can only wish...


About that cat. That damned cat.

I told you she is a vial betrayer interested only in satisfying her own needs. I rescued her. And she turned from my arms to you. Followed you around like a "puppy." Waited by the front door for you to come home from work.

But she is a fickle one.

And I expect I will win the Bella Pregnancy Pool.

2 years ago
Love the photos! We are so excited for your adventure - keep up posted.
2 years ago