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Recent posts by John Gokey

I've been trying to garlic from seed for about 5years now I've listened to all the experts with no suscess
But this year I have about 150 garlic seed growing
But last years garlic came up in clumps because forgot
To pull them  up all of those where softneck but most
Only 3 to 10 flowers per bulb I had no time to pull each
Bubils one at a time  so I man handle each scape
Some flowers fell of other got damaged I caught the bubils in a bucket I grew them like nature would have
And nature would treat the scape very roughly
And this year garlic seed  Finley growing
But my hard neck I grew in rows 6 in spacing and pulled all the bubils one by one took for ever out of 500
Only 5 seeds soft neck 400 seed about 150 to 180 made it
2 years ago
Most of the ele garlic seedling turn in to bulbing leek
Which are very Hardy plants with stock about .5 to1 in thick slight pungh less than Onion they would be good
For rengen farming you can cut the tops off and they will grow back every time and the seeds in there scape will produce more seed or sell the flowers to a florists
The flowers will be white
2 years ago
Could not get vargated ele gralic seedling pic on site
Pic will not load
2 years ago
This pic is of a vargated  ele gralic grown from seed
Although the Bulb will stay small like a leek bulb maybe.5 in out of the 10000 seed planted maybe I will
Get 20 large bulb and only 1 clove maybe
2 years ago
I've been growing elephants for 10 years and growing them
From seed for 9 years all kinds different elephants
Some grow like leeks others like small rounds others like very large rounds other are vargated with striped
And have bubils growing in the flowers and the seedlings grow faster more cold Hardy I have about
10000 in the seed bed right now but still looking
For the right one
2 years ago