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Recent posts by Daniel Kruzliak

Decided to share after listening to Pauls #528 podcast, where parts of discussion was about lifetime of
- outside wood constructions
- finishes on wooden outside constructions
- lime washing durability

Don't know how familiar people in the US are with the traditional wooden construction of europe.
Here in Slovakia historically people had to use only local material as mostly the population was very poor, with a lot of herders in remote places.
This resulted in using natural materials - stone, wood, clay, straw and lime and some metal oxides for pigments.

Many of these buildings are still used today, ranging from 70-200+ years old.
Most of the wooden (round or hewed[Hewing]) logs were not finished with any oil or paints - these can be recognized by gray patina.

Stone walls or gaps between logs were filled with cob and/or some clay/sand mixture, and afterwards decorated with lime white washing.
These could usually last from 5 - 10years (maybe more) depending on region and weather. (yearly average ~10C | 50F)

There is a great historical tradition with wood/timber construction in many parts of Europe and many people are doing reconstruction using historical techniques.

For inspiration there are few links for these types of homes.

Google Images - Folklore wooden houses slovakia

Two projects of local people doing reconstructions

Brief history from wikipedia - google translate should handle it I guess.

We are having a community garbage pickup in our local forest next weekend, I image its in line with permies values and could be possibly added in some form to BBs.

# Sand -  Collect garbage in your area - at least 1 full shopping bag.  / solo mission - for good of everyone
# Straw / Wood -  Orginize / Attend garbage collection event in your area.   /  community interaction neccesary.
3 months ago