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Recent posts by Richie Ring

Is there any discoloration to whites?  Could this effectively dye clothing by accident when trying to wash?  Does the temperature of water make a difference in effectiveness like it does with regular products?

8 months ago
Hi Everyone,  

Turns out Robins (bird)  eat cockroaches.  Thought I would mention this for those interested.  I was out in the yard and lo and behold a robin came down and scooped up a roach.  Then another one.  I know toads eat roaches too, but thats a slow process.  Ideas on how to encourage more robins?   Thanks for all the information on the previous posts.

I'll keep ya'll posted on any new details as they develop.
10 months ago

William Bronson wrote:Maybe a guard goose could watch over the smaller birds?

Will a guard goose really fend off large predators for chickens?    Has anyone done that?  I mean I know geese are tough, but that would be awesome.
1 year ago

Anne Miller wrote:This thread talks about using Praying Mantis, Western Fence Lizard, daddy long legs, quail, partridge, guinea fowl, turkey, frogs, toads, and waps so you might want to build some rock piles or brush piles to attract the bugs, lizards, and toads:

Here are some threads you or others might enjoy to attract bug predators:

Anne, thank you for all of the links (this post and the earlier one as well) its helps to have some focused threads to follow.
1 year ago
These are all great ideas, thank you.  I'm more concerned for the cockroaches because it's so out of balance.  We live in a forest so clearing as much leaf litter around the house is a huge help. We have hardly any grass.

There is a bunch of toads and daddy long legs and praying mantis, etc.  I'm quite satisfied by the diversity here, except the roaches.  I know they wont disappear. But encourage to live outside the property is ideal.

I'll dig into the other animals.  I'm concerned to keep chickens because of the threat from foxes, etc. There are a lot of predators here and the girls need to roam safely.

Perhaps a water feature will help bring toads in.  I need an army of natural predators for now.
1 year ago
Are chickens the best animal for insect control?  Recently moved and the property is literally crawling with cockroaches and deer ticks.  It amazes me how well these insects survive winters, but I digress.  I dont want to use chemicals, but I also want to reduce the population so they dont make my house their home. (Prob too late for that)

So what is the best animal?  Chickens, ducks, something else?
Iguanas and skinks are not an option.

We are in the mid-Atlantic region.

1 year ago

Felicia Rain wrote:...Anyone have suggestions for oil stains?

Well, after working on vehicles, I will use a little dish soap (squirt) and a cup or two of pickling salt and then a bit of baking soda.  Dont expect your colors to stay though. They will wash out faster using this method.

That salt alone might tackle it, but I'd save it for work clothes.

Sometimes rubbing baking soda over/in the spot (if fresh) can help, but again it's hard on the colors in my experience.  

My personal favorite is to just soak the whole article in the same oil that created the stain. Now its evenly distributed. :)
1 year ago

mary jayne richmond wrote:Hi Richie, just water, in the summer it’s rain water, in the winter it’s well water...

Thank you for the clarification.  
1 year ago

mary jayne richmond wrote:Update to washing clothes without soap... Here’s what i have been doing since January 2022, no soap at all…

Mary, does this mean just plain water?  No herbs, no vinegar, no borax, no salt or baking soda?

Are you using well water, city water or other (rain water, distilled, etc.)

1 year ago

Anne Miller wrote:I have been doing laundry without soap since 2018

I add a cup of vinegar and hang my laundry outside.

I have been very happy with the results.

I don't always wash dear hubby's clothes this way as they might need a little more of something.

To be clear, are we talking distilled white vinegar or ACV?  Household concentrations?  
1 year ago