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since May 15, 2021
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Cute 'Lil mama who lives Healthy, Green, and Brave with 6 kids, in the middle-of-nowhere, Idaho backcountry.
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Recent posts by Rebekah Harmon

So! I found out the "axe" I've been using on my 3 log bench is actually a maul. No wonder I'm hacking and hacking and not much is happening!!! By now, all I have left is hatchet work. So I will finish the whole thing without an axe. Sheeeeesh! That's why I hurt. 4 swings for the effect of one axe swing.

In other news, I peeled 1 log yesterday for the woodland badge. The bb is for 2 logs, so hopefully I finish that soon. I just only had 1 hour for that bb at that time.

My goal was 1 bb a day. I'm still turning in bbs. Natural medicine bbs and 2nd level bbs, as I need to do those activities in everyday life. But not one of the original 33 I need for PEP1. That bothers me. But I guess this was just an experiment to see if I could actually do PEP1 by July 1st. As it is, it may take me all the way through July. But as I keep focusing on PEP, I may finish PEP 2 sooner than I thought. At least some straw badges.
It was time for the lemon balm to get a haircut. So I used some and dried the rest
I harvested and dried rose petals. It's gonna be great in a facial toner!!
I borrowed this hand auger for the compound mallet bb. To say thanks to the lender, I cleaned up the auger and bit. Shiny! Hopefully, he will be glad to lend me other tools, since there are several bbs which need tools I don't have (scythe, froe, draw knife, etc.)
1 day ago
I borrowed this auger for making a compound mallet. To say thanks, I sharpened the drill bit. Now I will return a tool better than I was given it
1 day ago
Oops, I thought this was an axe. Well. I sharpened it anyways! πŸ˜‰
1 day ago
Tomorrow, I plan to peel 2 logs. Or 20 actually. But the bb is for 2.

I also would like to spruce up the hand auger drill bit I borrowed to make my compound mallet. It's a lovely antique tool that got a little rust on it. Before I give it back, I hope to give some love to say thanks to the lender. This is also a straw badge bb (sharpen a drill bit)
Yesterday I finished a lovely compound mallet. It's my first wood working project that I am very proud of! I would show it to a seasoned wood worker and not feel like it's a dinky first-timer project. My husband even thought it was cool enough to ask me to make a bigger one for him! I'm getting better πŸ˜„

I've now put in several hewing sessions. I now have like 10 hours worth of work into the 3 log bench. I don't know if I am so slow because the wood is still too wet, because I suck at wielding an axe, because I picked a log that's too big and I only have simple tools, or because the inside of my log was hollow and dead and that's affecting my workπŸ€·β€β™€οΈ it still needs another 2 hours or so, so no bb today.

The bench to is also still very rough. Splinter-y looking. Idk if anyone will look at it and actually want to take a seat. Any ideas how to smooth it with hand tools? I don't have very many. I may need a break from this project.
That's awesome, Jojo!! I like your spoon πŸ˜‰ it looks more measuring spoon-y now. I'll bet it's more delightful to eat with, if you were going for that.

And the soap! What a cool project 😎 keep doing bad ass stuff, my friend! What kind of soap will you make? Flavors and all that.

Howdy, Skippers! Good day to build a compound mallet day, eh? I used a dry walnut branch for the handle, and a wet spruce trunk for the head. Wish I had hard wood for the head, but alas! Spruce will work. How long will it take to dry? When is a good time to start using it?