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Cute 'Lil mama who lives Healthy, Green, and Brave with 6 kids, in the middle-of-nowhere, Idaho backcountry.
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On my property, which is 300 meters long, I have two places for parking, and a LONG driveway, back to the greenhouse. If I keep it plowed, it's much easier to get back there. I don't have access to a back plow on a tractor, but I DO have a back plow on my truck! I posted asking if it counted, but I didn't hear back. Well, here's how I do it, with a 2 min video of the driveway here: And photos of my she shed parking attached.
2 weeks ago
Woa! Thanks for the info, Anne! I didn't get at the brain, Mike, but maybe next time. I want to try egg yolks. There is a dog food processing facility near me that butchers sheep. I bet I could get a skin from them any day and work on that domestic animal tanning bb. If this huge elk hide doesn't discourage me first!
3 weeks ago
I got a call on Monday that an elk, who had been hit, had broken legs, but was still sitting on the side of the road. I worked with Fish & Game to be able to harvest this cow elk. I had help moving and hanging her, since I'm not strong enough on my own. Then I skinned, gutted, and quartered her. That took 2 days! I ground all the small meaty bits into sausage, and kept all the large meaty bits for jerky. We aren't much of a steak or roast family. That took 2 more days. FINALLY, I have a freezer full of elk! I'm so grateful for the meat, since I didn't fill my tag during the hunting season, and my family depends on the meat. We also kept the organs to eat, and made bone broth, and I'm also trying to tan the hide, which is new to me.  We used all we could of this blessing!
3 weeks ago
Does anyone here know how to use hides from harvested wildlife? Is there a different forum for this? Or a skip badge? I'm trying to tan an elk hide, and would love to chat with someone who does that.
3 weeks ago
hey, R Ranson, if you'd like help spinning the fibre, I'd be happy to take a bag and work on it? To help cut down on time.
3 weeks ago
I created and branded a location on my property where folks can sit and relax. I call it the "Tree-zee-bow" because it's a gazebo made from trees. The artwork I have here includes the wood-burned sign, a wooden stool I made, plants I planted, treehouse, birdfeeder, and mason bee house.
3 weeks ago
I hemmed a curtain to go in my she shed. For some reason, my massage clients want curtains! Lol!
3 weeks ago
I'd love to participate in a textiles track. Fiber spinning, stick work, weaving, basketry, cordage, etc.
3 weeks ago
I have herbalist certifications, now. I could help with the apothecary stuff.
3 weeks ago
I was surprised how much I enjoyed reading this thread! Why am I so fascinated about making clothes from my local community? I don't think I fully answer this question, but I am very inspired by this fibre-shed movement. I wonder what is going on in my fiber shed? I will have to do some research, get involved, and Report back! Thanks for the inspiring work, R Ranson!
1 month ago