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Cute 'Lil mama who lives Healthy, Green, and Brave with 6 kids, in the middle-of-nowhere, Idaho backcountry.
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Recent posts by Rebekah Harmon

Thanks, Kim! Some of those I am not familiar with. But many of those will start popping soon. High-elevation, zone 4 dessert here, so some things are limited. But once the snow melts, there is always something to eat. We'll, til the freeze I guess.
1 day ago
Thanks, Kim! Depending on where you live, I think Walden Farmacy offers classes. I think Appalacian School for Natural Health is also SE USA. Since I live in the NE rockies, that about all I know. But that's a start!
1 day ago

Andrés Bernal wrote:

Rebekah Harmon wrote:Hey Permies team! And Paul! I would really like more direction on these videos. Can we do a conference call or post a list of q and a?

Hi Rebekah! Maybe you want to list all the things you need clarification on? Ill try to answer them all and create a faq as you suggested. Hopefully that solves it.


Here's a list:
should I avoid using transitions between clips, subtitles, titles, and other animations, so they call all be uniform in the final video?
or should I personalize my video entries?
Would you prefer we keep our voiceover files separate from the video ones? or edit them into eachother?
Should everyone do an intro for themselves? Time limit?
Are you requesting info personal information from us growers, like growing zone? climate?  or zip code? (to compare details between us in the final video, which is helpful for viewers to keep us separate)
Should we be following privacy limits, like are we first-name only? no logo stamps? or city names? What kind of privacy rules do you legally need us to follow?
Should I keep my kids out of videos? and neighbors? (Youtube has guidelines about this, for example)
If we quit, should we do an outro video, claiming the reasons we back out? (that might be useful if folks self-prune themselves from the final video.)
How many of us are actually turning in videos, so far?
Are we going to have a live GAMCOD call? Once a month or something? It might be nice for us growers to bounce ideas off eachother.
2 days ago
Hey Rachel! The doc I pick by the river has a bug bite here or there. The patch by the library is covered in holes. I'm not really sure what is eating them? But something is!
4 days ago
Spring is coming slower than I thought. So far, just dock, dandelions and mints are up. I'm finding myself relying heavily on items that I preserved last year in order to keep up this challenge. But I have been outside foraging more!  And maybe it's a bonus that I'm watching nature turn green and noticing which things green up first.
5 days ago
I use a Ruth Stout/Back To Eden method in some areas of my garden. Especially for perennials. But I have to bring in lots of outside mulch to do it. Straw and wood chip and sawdust. Local sources, but not strictly off my property. I'm struggling now to find enough mulch-y materials for the 2-6 inch layer of mulch with which I like to dress my soil. Hopefully, Rabbit poo tea, comfrey tea, and grass mulch from my lawn will be enough for microbe fertility this year. Everyone's starting with sucky soil, right? Showing our styles of building soil is part of what Paul wants us to show off, isn't it? Grasping here, because I feel like I'm naked. or my garden is naked, at least! And it makes me uncomfortable. Man, it's crazy how--in the three years since my PDC-- I've changed so much as a gardener!
5 days ago
Oh man! Did you hear what David said about Permies??

"Permie, that's short for permaculturist. They're part of a growing tribe of people all across the world who are taking on the responsibility to better our world and themselves on a personal level by learning to live and grow with the Earth, through permaculture; permanent agriculture."

Am I doing that? Living up to his idea of a permie? I really hope so! It makes me want to do better!! How can I better the world? By continuing the good work in my backyard? I am ready for more!! I want to live more like Weedy.
6 days ago
It's true, Jim! And I have several dried roots. However, they have to be sliced pretty thin before drying, otherwise a coffee grinder won't break them up. They get too tough
1 week ago
Hello, Rachel! No, I didn't roast them. I haven't tried that yet. I'm not a coffee drinker, so I don't desire the feeling of a coffee. A cuppa tea is what I want most days
1 week ago
Happy spring, permies!!! This growing season, I have challenged myself to eat 5 veggies a day that I produce or forage. Since my garden is teeny weeny this time of year, that means I'll be foraging all I can in the beginning. From April to the end of September, I am trying this. I'm excited to see what I learn! And what new recipes I come up with. But mostly, I want to get in the habbit of eating what's seasonal. Of taking the time to bring home and prepare edibles I see. Of taking a big step away from the grocery store and the industrialized food system.

So far, I have prepared doc greens, mustard greens, mint, and evening primrose seeds that were all foraged. (Since I began April 1st)
1 week ago