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Recent posts by steve sherritt

Looking for an individual applicant to perform a work/trade position on a permaculture property located on the Central Coast of California. The property currently has a variety of fruit trees, citrus and avocados, a growing food forest, multiple veg gardens, an automated greenhouse, and chicken run, etc. Looking to add rabbits and possibly goats and a pond.  It is a very quiet rural setting just outside San Luis Obispo with excellent weather year round and amazing views. The coast is approx. 5 miles away; the feel and location is remote. Amazing potential.

Benefits include :

-$22-$30 per hour rate based on experience is to be applied to rent exchange ($1500 mo); mutually agreed upon project and performance schedule approx. 50-70 hours per month. Additional hours and projects are definitely a possibility.

-1 BR/ 1 Bath inside detached guest house; fully furnished, TV, internet, electricity, water and trash service; separate mail box from main residence. Separate entrance and driveway.

-ample parking, driveway space
-detached, separate entrance
-private sun deck with bedroom slider
-separate mailbox
-solar, AC and heat
-undeveloped growing space with southern exposure ready for design and development;
-organic produce and egg share from the property
-very convenient located within 3-15 miles of multiple towns/cities and beaches
-the property has lots of existing infrastructure, tools, chipper, dump trailer and a small loader/digger

Desired skills, duties, tools and/or experience:

- reliable transportation; valid drivers license ; truck a plus
- farm, orchard, permaculture and/or experience with livestock
- plumbing and/or irrigation experience a plus
- construction and/or landscape experience, masonry, fencing etc.
- organic practices, gardening, pruning
- respect for land, animals and neighbors ; minimal visitors
- great energy, work ethic and willingness are more important qualifiers than experience; please don’t hesitate to respond to the post due to any lack of experience

This position has many possibilities as well as long term potential. Preservation of the existing environment and owners privacy is imperative. We lead a private life in a quiet family setting;  looking to offer the same privacy and respect to the right person. Clean background, no smoking or illegal drug use.

Please send all inquiries to .  Please include a resume and any other information you would like to share about yourself that may be beneficial to the selection process.

Thank you
1 year ago