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You can Google how to make your own septic tank enzymes using all natural ingredients. It's very simple
3Cups warm water
2 cups brown sugar
2 cups cornmeal 2 packets yeast
When it starts to bubble pour in toilet & flush twice

There is also directions to make an all natural "Oxyclean" alternative using lemon peels & a few common ingredients  that is just as simple .

All  cleaners are just chemical reactions to mixtures of either man made or all natural ingredients that can create the same enzymes.  
Some receipts also use germinated veg's.
Just Google how to make  what ever you need out of natural ingredients.
So far . I have always found the answers I wanted.
I believe your septic tank will be much happier if you feed it the all natural enzymes  on a regular basis ( maybe once a month ..depends on how much waste or other chemicals you put in it)
It stated regular amounts of Oxyclean mixed with thousands of gal. Of water SHOULDN'T BE A PROBLEM.. But Why use it if you can make your own all natural , just store it in a dark place .
2 years ago