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Serene Da

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since Aug 26, 2021
Ontario (1 hr. from Montreal, Quebec)
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Recent posts by Serene Da

Anne Miller wrote:Serena, have you tried this?  

I would be afraid that the head would not come out using this method.

The last tick bite I had I feel the head was left in and the bite got infected causing me a lot of problems.

The method we have always used is to use alcohol to get the tick to back its head out or use tweezers very close to the skin.

What happened with my last one is when I found it I just jerked it out leaving the head in.

Hi Anne,
I have not yet had the opportunity to personally put this method to the test.

I know the head of the tick remaining in our skin is a common issue.  The bevelled V-shapped part of this tool appears to be the key to removing the tick entirely (see the Youtuber's larger sized demo later in his same video).  
2 months ago
Sorry about the link.  This one should work.

2 months ago
Got a tick bite?

"MacGyver" (a.k.a. improvise) an effective tick-remover with your credit card (urbanites, I talking to you!)  to get the little bugger off ASAP!"

Aside from little tidbits like the above, this content creator on Youtube ("Advoko MAKES") offer awesome tutorials filled with good details.  Check him out.

I wish I could meet him some day, but he's all the way in Russia.
2 months ago

Annette Flinterman wrote:Like that "gang" sign - the 3 pillars permaculture is built around.
Also Bee image to maybe mark your location on google maps - unfortunately that's the only great source around for working with.

New to permies as well, but based in Europe, so I'm considering a similar set-up for more regional connections.

Welcome to Permies, Annette.  

If you ever want to share ideas on setting up locations for those off-grid farms I'd be open to collaborating with you.  At present, I'm just in the infancy stage of my website design.  So nothing substantial to share. But I'm open to ideas and sharing what I do know.
2 months ago

Lana Weldon wrote:Also based in Europe, at the moment Germany, as well!
Love the permies gang sign, but quite difficult to do, just tried it

I had no idea I was gifted in this particular gang sign.  I'll try to find one that might be easier to flash.    
2 months ago
Awesome suggestion, David.

I've been dodging Facebook for some time, but I know there are lots of good info out there from it.

Permies gang sign....does one already exist?  If not, then I was thinking something like three fingers up & held sideways (representing the "E" for equilibrium).  I'm looking for balance in everything; leave no rocks search for that elusive balance.
2 months ago

Jt Lamb wrote:Submitting a "hobo symbol" for "Permaculture ... bee-cause it's better, together!"

Or something like that ...

Burn this (bee & trail) as a symbol in a discreet portion of your property signage, and the rest of us will know that Permaculture is done here!

Submit your own choice for symbols!

Bees seem to make good mascots for the concept of Permaculture.  It didn't occur to me until you brought it up.  They are super beneficial to their environment, and they have a well developed system that operates like a symphony churning out beautiful music wherever they go.  I'll consider adding Bees into my design. Thanks, JT.
2 months ago

Justin Gauthier wrote:I'm in New Brunswick, but i've managed to get a vague sense of my local permaculture/off-grid community via facebook groups and Youtube channels. Other places to start looking would be local farmers markets, and along the road for produce/chicken egg signs etc.
Our folk might be reclusive but they almost always have a homemade product they'd like to barter, and at the very least a sign at the road that says "Fresh Eggs" lol

Thanks for the good ideas, Justin.  Recently, I was able to locate an off-grid farm near me while looking for postings on a site.  Turns out that same farmer is also on AirBnB.  
Like you said, the off-grid folks can be reclusive but the ones who make a business from it are much easier to find.
Appreciated you input, Justin!
2 months ago

Jt Lamb wrote:Still pondering this myself ...

Post a sign, with a hidden in plain sight "mark" that indicates "permies"? Like a hobo sign? (I actually like this one, but nobody has agreed on "the sign" yet ...)

Put up a website that shows the PC planning in so much detail that most folks' eyes glaze over, they get bored, and move on? Only permies make it through the gauntlet, and actually see the locality details?

Hmm ...

JT, great idea!  I love the funny spin on the hobo sign.  
I'm slowly working to get my blog website up, and I'll use that hobo sign concept to make bring attention to other off-grid folks I've been able to locate in my neck of the woods (with their consent of course).  Then when I have enough data to share, I'll post it here.   Thanks for you input, JT.
2 months ago
Hi everyone,

I'm new to permies.  I'd like to find other permies or folks who have experiences living off-grid within my neck of the woods in Central Canada (i.e. Ontario & Quebec provinces).  Does anyone know where on here or elsewhere online that I can reach out to others within my vicinity?  

Thanks in advance!
2 months ago