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echo minarosa wrote: ...the information sources for perennial vegetables run similar to those surrounding foraged edibles. There seems to be little discussing things which might limit their enjoyment like taste, extreme growing difficulties, true spatial requirements, ease of use, etc.

After 7 degree blizzard conditions Saturday, we are 57 degrees warmer two days later. Checked out the damage to my garden yesterday and found...barely none. Effective immediately I'm no longer telling everyone I'm "fooling" Mother Nature by growing and harvesting lush greens and veges out of season. I believe she and I are working together in tandem all year round. Veges are literally my healthy body. Eat well, stay well. Eat poorly, feel poorly pretty darn quickly.  

I believe our future will be coaxing annual, biennial and perennial fruit and vege plants to grow bountiful crops in very adverse conditions for years and years, rather than just being one or a few season wonders.
2 years ago