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since Feb 24, 2022
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Recent posts by Niles Resnic

Hi, I've got 10 acres in a small town in northeast Wisconsin with many diverse ecosystems on a river with a waterfall.
My house is nearby and would like to build a tiny house and greenhouse on the 10 acres.
Working toward being off-grid with solar.
I've started some hügelkultur beds and have been composting materials for building organic soil.
There's a small nursery where I'm planting fruit and nut trees/shrubs to begin my food forest.
I'm struggling with further inspiration and want someone to dream and design with.

I'm surrounded by an amazing national forest where I love to explore, hike, jog, forage, do yoga, snowshoe, kayak, paddleboard, explore, ride mountain bike, adventure motorcycle etc.

I love travelling: day trips, road trips, international travel. I like to explore nature and learn other cultures.

I am an entrepreneur who has worked in many fields.
I have a few small businesses and would be looking for someone with an entrepreneurial spirit to build the businesses with also.

I'm relatively new to organic farming/gardening.
I have decent building skills with wood and metal.
I am generally a morning person and crash early.
I know a couple people doing this in the area but there's not really any community.
Fairly introverted, INFP

6'2" 175lbs

Hit me up with a PM: pics, questions, conversation....
2 months ago
Occasionally, though I prefer snow shoes. 😊

Snowmobile tourism IS huge here.
2 years ago
Oh, and here's to celebrating vision, with a similar, semi-ambiguous photo 😎

... Including orb
2 years ago
How about the woods of Wisconsin?
10 acres on a stream....

Off-grid, sun,  wind, river power., or some combination

I basically want to build everything on

With a best friend...


I will mention that it gets the 20° below zero kind of cold here in the middle of winter.

PS green beans totally got me!
2 years ago