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This issue is actually fundamental to human existence, that of community framework. The problem was introduced 1700 years ago when Constantine the Great started laying claim to all of the land, and forcing indigenous tribes to pay him property taxes. They could no longer simply trade with each other. They had to go out and earn currency with which to pay taxes. Taxes are a cancer to community. But I digress.

The point is that like it or not we are all subjects to the government enforced framework in which we live - there is no avoiding it for now - don't pay taxes, or violate county, state, or federal laws or ordinances, and you will have to pay, or lose your land. So my question is, instead of trying to fit a square plug into a round hole, why not simply get in tune with the reality in which we find ourselves, and master it?

Instead of planning a community within a community, why not simply identify an existing county with few residents, then organize a large group of people to purchase their own properties in that county. Then you can put like-minded people into all of the county government positions, and change the actual laws to be in accordance with how you all want to live. You could lower property taxes, and establish public lands for shared farming. Everything could be legally voted on, the framework is already in place. The primary flaw in the system is that there are too many people with too many varied agendas in the average county, and even at the county level, the sort of people drawn to public office tend to be self-serving. But a smaller county packed with people who have the same agenda could be amazing. It would take a lot of planning, but that's the case with any project.

I'm wondering why nobody has done this.

Step1: Devise a detailed plan which would be something along the lines of the following...
Step2: Identify a U.S. county in a favorable state with low population and/or many residents already on board.
Step3: People on board with the plan begin buying property/moving to the county.
Step4: Continue to advertise the plan, and post progress, in order to draw more like-minded people to the county.
Step5: Everyone on board with the plan should get as involved as possible in local government to get as many existing residents on board as possible while continuing to attract like-minded outsiders to the county.
Step6: Eventually, as more county government positions are filled by like-minded people, they can establish and encourage farmers markets, organic-friendly regulations, reduce taxes and redirect tax revenues toward actual community projects.
2 years ago

John Weiland wrote:Told them they could get a fresh cup of coffee from "Janice" in the kitchen...... :-)

Hah, this happened to me by accident once. The pasture that I kept the pig in was flooding in a bad rain storm, so I brought her up to the carport while I went to get the horses. Apparently, I didn't close the door to the kitchen properly.
2 years ago
Hey Ash,

I just found this site, and your post. For years I, like many people I suppose, I have been looking for what you seem to be describing. If I'm being honest, I've been hoping to find Hobbiton going on in the mountains of Colorado or something. I want to live close to nature; start mastering the art of making cheese from goat's milk; growing, milling, and baking bread from all sorts of grains and berries; and living the countless adventures and struggles that I see so many homesteaders experiencing in countless youtube videos, then meeting up with like-minded homesteaders at the Green Dragon in the evenings to regale each other with stories of the day's adventures.

I think that I'd settle for a simple homestead, and a fun cob house, but for years, I've been waiting until "all of my ducks are in a row". The time will never be right. The situation will never be ideal. I just have to do it - create that thing that I'm looking for. I'm sure that you've seen how the universe always sends us opportunities to do and have the things that we are wanting. It's endlessly supportive. I know this. I've seen it so many times, and yet for some reason, I keep telling myself that nothing feels right - that none of the properties I see are what I'm looking for. It's like I'm looking at a bunch of blank canvases expecting to see the painting that I have in my head.

Hah, sorry about that, just venting a bit. I, like you, am still in Texas, years longer than I planned to be - still looking for that thing, that place, that dream. Anyway, I hope that you find what you're looking for. I hope that if there is something that's preventing you from finding/doing it, that you identify and remedy that thing. I hope the same for myself as well, hah.
2 years ago